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FP/W6HGF Miquelon Island

W6HGF will be active from Miquelon Island 7-18 February 2014 as FP/W6HGF
He will be active on 160-10m RTTY , CW
QSL via home call , OQRS
Miquelon Island FP/W6HGF

Miquelon Island DX News FP/W6HGF

The name Miquelon is of Basque origin and means "Michael", as several fishermen with this name were established in the island. In 1579, the names Micquetõ, Micquelle appeared for the first time in Martin de Hoyarçabals navigational pilot. The name evolved over time into Miclon, Micklon, and finally


On the south of the Miquelon Island is a large lagoon known as the Grand Barachois which is host to a large population of seals and other wildlife. Miquelon is also a well known destination for bird watching.

8 miles (13 km) long tombolo sandspit called La Dune encloses the Grand Barachois.In the 18th century it was still possible to sail a boat between Miquelon and Langlade, but by the end of that century La Dune had closed in to form an isthmus between the islands.

Located at 3 mi (4.8 km) west of Saint Pierre Island, Langlade is an ancient peneplain drained by numerous short rivers, including the Belle, the largest, which flows to the northwest. The coast of Langlade is lined with steep cliffs, except to the northwest.




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