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F5PLC will be active as FR/F5PLC from Reunion Island, IOTA AF - 016, until 30 April 2024.
He will operate on 40 - 10m, CW only.
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Reunion: climate and geography, leisure and entertainment, attractions, and more

The Age of Discovery and the Conquistadors colored the world map in unexpectedly colorful ways. Would you like to see a place where French charm is intricately combined with colorful Creole exoticism? Then Reunion Island is waiting for you.

Fairy white beaches, fields of fragrant laurel, basalt cliffs and waterfalls resemble pictures from a children's magic book.

The island has changed hands many times and has experienced many cultural influences, which are intricately intertwined in the arts and crafts and cuisine of Reunion. Arabs, Portuguese, Indians, Pakistanis, British, Spanish and even Chinese have all contributed to this motley and colorful world. Since the middle of the 17th century, the island has belonged to France, and during this time it has managed to become a real gem among the maritime possessions of this country.

Reunion Island FR/F5PLC

Climate and geography

Réunion has been the result of volcanic and seismic activity, with one of the volcanoes, Piton de la Fournaise, still active.

Thanks to the mountains, the humidity here is noticeably lower and cooler than on the other islands of the archipelago, and the climate, although still tropical, is much milder. The best time to travel to the westernmost island of the archipelago is April, May and all of the fall months. At this time, there is less rain, cyclones are weaker, humidity is lower and the heat is easier to bear.


In the north of the island, surrounded by mountains, is the capital of the island, the city of Saint-Denis, rich in magnificent examples of colonial architecture. The Prefecture, which was once the headquarters of the East India Company, has been beautifully preserved. It is worth seeing the Town Hall and the Cathedral of Saint-Denis.

Although most of the population here is Catholic, the cathedrals peacefully neighbor mosques, Hindu and Orthodox churches. People of different religions, cultures and nationalities get along well in this tropical paradise.

The curious traveler will not miss the Baracho district, where you can sit with a cup of coffee in a local cafe or walk through the colorful shopping rows of the colorful market. Lovers of the French Impressionist school will be delighted by the unexpectedly rich collection of the Leon-Dur-Art Gallery.

The island offers many exciting excursions and hiking routes of varying intensity and difficulty. For example, you can climb Mount Ecrit and admire from a height of more than 2 km the Salazi Valley, where the highest waterfall of the island is located. Those who love thermal springs will be interested in the Silao Valley.

Reunion Island FR/F5PLC DX News

Gastronomic features

The cuisine of the island is rich and varied. Here traditional European, Chinese and Indian dishes are served with exotic sauces and spices, especially ginger, cloves and curry are favorite among the islanders. The local rugai sauce is exceptionally good - a mixture of tomatoes and pistachios dressed with lemon juice. Even the richest imagination is impressed by the abundance of fish and seafood: barracuda, tuna, fresh prawns and lobsters - don't deny yourself the pleasure of trying them all.

Leisure and entertainment

To lie on the beach, it is best to choose the western or southern coast of Reunion. Most often tourists stop at the resort of Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, which is located in the lagoon, and its beaches are covered with white and black sands.

The west coast of Reunion is perfect for diving. Coral reefs line the entire coastline. Here you can see the underwater world: its inhabitants, caves and reefs. In order to dive deep into the waters it is best to choose Grand Tomband. But it is worth remembering that the currents in this place are quite strong.

For lovers of surfing, the eastern coast of Reunion, namely the places of Saint-Gilles-les-Bains and Saint-Pierre.

It is worth paying attention to hiking excursions, because there is a huge number of trails that will show the beauty of tropical nature. Hiking trails lead to volcanic valleys as well as to the craters of volcanoes.

Traditions are respected by the locals and the island's government. In this regard, festivals of certain themes are often held here. If you are lucky enough to attend one of them, you will be able to observe one of them.

For example, Malabar, a fire festival, is organized here. Its holding dates back to the arrival of the tribe of Indians on the island.

The main occupation of the inhabitants is fishing. For a small fee, tourists have the opportunity to go out to sea with local fishermen and fish for sardine and lobster, etc. The towns of Reunion are filled with a lot of fish.
All cities of Reunion are filled with nightclubs, where lovers of dancing and noisy parties can have a great time.

Cafes, wonderful restaurants - all this is in abundance on the island.

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What can I buy on the island?

The stores in Reunion are full of French goods, with big sales from February onwards.

Local markets have a special energy, so they are worth a visit.

Wines that are produced on the island are very tasty, tourists are happy to buy them. Products made of wood, jewelry, souvenirs of the sea - these are souvenirs that will certainly remind you of your vacation on the island of Reunion, and your loved ones will be a good gift.


The best way to get around the island is by car. Firstly, it is very convenient, and secondly, you will have very picturesque views. People with an international license can easily rent a car.

The bus network here is very well established.

Reunion boasts two airports and a seaport.

What to watch out for?

Walking alone at night is not a good idea anywhere in the world, so it's best to avoid it here too. In the past you could catch malaria, but now you don't have to fear it. But it is better not to drink water from an untested source, as no one has canceled intestinal infections.


You cannot bring any foodstuffs with you to the island. There is no limit on the amount of local currency that can be brought in or out. Animals and plants may not be taken off the island.

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