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FR/DL1RPL FR/DL3RKS Reunion Island

Peter, DL1RPL and Soren, DL3RKS will be active from Reunion Island (IOTA AF-016) 27 November - 3 December 2015 as FR/DL1RPL and FR/DL3RKS.
FR/DL1RPL will operate on 2m and 70cm EME and FR/DL3RKS on 20 - 10m.
Ads for direct QSL:
Peter Kuschke, Obstzuechterstr. 31, 14542 Werder, Germany.

Reunion Island FR/DL1RPL FR/DL3RKS Beach

Reunion Island. Beach.

Reunion Island FR/DL1RPL FR/DL3RKS DX News Beautiful landscape.Beautiful landscape of Reunion island with mountains, blue ocean and sky with cloud, Saint Denis.

Reunion Island FR/DL1RPL FR/DL3RKS Tourist attractions spot View of the coastline with two monuments.
View of the coastline with two monuments of cannons witch located on it and man lying under the umbrella in a nice, sunny day. Reunion Island, Saint Paul.

Where Reunion Island is located. Map.

FR/DL1RPL FR/DL3RKS Reunion Island. Sunrise 07-18-2024 at 02:53 GMT sunset at 13:55 GMT
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