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HH2/WS6X Haiti

Jim, WS6X will be active from Haiti until 2 February 2016 as HH2/WS6X.
He will operate on 60, 40, 20, 17m.
QSL via home call direct, LOTW.
Ads for direct QSL:
JAMES W CLYMER, JR, 11501 Turleytown Rd, Linville, VA 22834, USA.

Haiti HH2/WS6X Labadee

Labadee, Haiti. Author - steviep187.

Haiti HH2/WS6X DX News Hot pepper plantation
Hot pepper plantation, Haiti. Author - ruimc77.

Haiti HH2/WS6X Tourist attractions spot Young sea turtle in the area of Cap Haitien.Young sea turtle in the area of Cap Haitien, north of Haiti. Author - Pullkat.

Where is Haiti located. Map.

HH2/WS6X Haiti. Sunrise 01-23-2020 at 11:23 GMT sunset at 22:37 GMT
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Ken Miller
  • Callsign: K6CTW
  • 2016-01-31 09:06:41
Great that you heard my return call! Thanks very much for the 40 M CW QSO a couple of minutes ago! Rig here is Heathkit DX-60 / Drake 2-B with open wire feed Inverted V apex at 40 ft. Paper QSL goes out in the mail tomorrow and looking forward to seeing your LOTW confirmation too for DXCC with my DX-60! 73 and again thanks for the new one!