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Alessandro, IT9ADT inform, that he is currently active from Iraq as IT9ADT/YI9.
He also apply for local call sign.
QSL via home call buro.

Iraq IT9ADT/YI9 Gypsies homes.Gypsies homes, Iraq. Author - Ahmed Basim.

Iraq IT9ADT/YI9 DX News An Najaf, Najaf.An Najaf, Najaf, Iraq. Author - Saleh Dinparvar.

Iraq IT9ADT/YI9 Tourist attractions spot Mosque, Erbil.Mosque, Erbil, Iraq. Author - John Steedman.

IT9ADT/YI9. Iraq. Map.

IT9ADT/YI9 Iraq. Sunrise 07-17-2019 at 02:06 GMT sunset at 16:16 GMT
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