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The 2018 Lithuanian Hamfest

Lithuania Hamfest 2018 Miego Klinika

A rustic road sign to the location of the 2018 LRMD Hamfest. This place, called Miego Klinika - which means Sleep clinic - was far from sleepy during the weekend of July 27-29, 2018. This is a rural resort on a small lake in the middle of a forest. There are simple log huts, camping grounds and some farm animals. It is located about 10 miles or 15 km south of the medium-sized town Siauliai in the northern part of Lithuania.

The tradition of summer radio amateur meetings in Lithuania goes back to 1989. This was at the end of the Soviet occupation, when the country was a republic in the Soviet Union. This year, Lithuania is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its independence right after the First World War. This was a turning point for many European nations. It looks like the Lithuanian Amateur Radio is going through a very active and successful period right now. So I decided to visit this event organized by the Lithuanian Amateur Radio Union – Lietuvos radijo m_ėgėjų draugija –
This year, the hamfest was very much DX- and contest-oriented, but there were other activities arranged as well.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 Andrius LY3AB

This is the edible logo of the meeting, carved on a 10-pound water melon by Andris, LY3AB.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 LY2EN LY4L LY4A LY2HW
The initial highlight of the meeting was the ceremony of saluting the winners of the WRTC2018 competition in Germany. Only half of the winning team could attend the hamfest, though. So Mindaugas, LY4L had to carry two wreaths and two medals. His partner at the WRTC2018, Gediminas, LY9A, could not come, wisely choosing a family gathering instead. Family and work go before this hobby.
In the picture, the MC of the presentation, in blue shirt, Simonas, LY2EN - Mindaugas, LY4L, in the middle - Rolandas, LY4A, in green shirt - and Aloyzas, LY2HW.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 W1UE LY2EN

Dennis, W1UE, conveyed greetings to the hamfest participants from the Yankee Clipper Contest Club in New England. Simonas, LY2EN, is on the right.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 LY0HQ Team

Some operators of the LY0HQ IARU HF Championship team, who were present at the hamfest, were awarded by the national organization LRMD.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 LY2EN LY4A

Simonas, LY2EN - right, in blue shirt - thanks Rolandas, LY4A, for organizing the hamfest. LY4A was the director of 2018 LRMD Hamfest.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 LY4L LY4K

Time for the social part of the hamfest. Mindaugas, LY4L - in yellow WRTC2018 shirt - talks with friends.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 LY4L K1CC

And here again, the VIP of the hamfest - Mindaugas, LY4L, in conversation with Rich, K1CC, in a green WRTC2018 referee shirt.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 LY5YY LY4L LY5XX

Colourful dress, colourful food. Mindaugas, LY4L, surrounded by LY5XX and LY5YY.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 LY2018LRMD

The hut that the LY2018RMD station was housed in, on the other side of the pond, far from the noise. The vertical mast supports a multi-band antenna array.

Lithuanian Hamfest W1UE LY2018RMD

Inside the radio shack, Dennis, W1UE, could not resist working a couple of hundreds CW contacts from LY2018RMD.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 VHF UHF Presentation

The long, but well attended, presentation of VHF and UHF techniques.

Lithuanian Hamfest K1VR K1CC SP4Z

A concise and humorous presentation of useful contest phrases by Fred, K1VR, from the Yankee Clipper Contest Club. Next to him is Rich, K1CC, while Wes, SP4Z, sitting on the right seems to enjoy the talk.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 Goodies for sale

Goodies for sale, anyone! Such things are hard to get in some parts of the world. Here the remains of old, rugged radio technology are still in circulation.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 ES6RQ Amplifiers

These are power amplifiers made by ES6RQ from Estonia. The spirit of constructing is still high in these regions.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 Not Amateur Radio related activities

It might seem that this is not amateur radio related activity. Pulling a rope by two teams was actually an attempt to answer the perpetual question - what is better - CW or SSB?. The CW and SSB teams struggled very hard, but in the end the FT8 mode was the winner. (I am joking, of course).

Lithuanina Hamfest 2018 LY9Y LY7Z Morse Runner

The Morse Runner competition was administered by Jurgis, LY9Y, in blue shirt. His son, Andrius, LY7Z, is in green WRTC2018 referee shirt. Behind him, his son Rokkas, most likely an excellent operator in the near future.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 LY2SS

This was tough. Straight key competition was not popular. Many of the present contesters never used a hand key, but some are still good at it. Zilvis, LY2SS, was one of them.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 YL3HE

Operating from a vehicle was demonstrated by Aivars, YL3HE. He has an automatically tuned antenna on the roof of his van for HF bands.

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 Camping ground

The camping ground of LRMD 2018 Hamfest. This magnetic loop antenna was set up by Aivars, YL3HE, and it works even on low bands.

I am sure this report will encourage more people to come for the next LRMD Hamfest in 2019. There were more than 200 who attended the gathering this year. The location for the next year is not selected yet. Each year the Lithuanian hamfest is in a different place. The country has many suitable locations in the countryside.

Photographs and captions
Henryk Kotowski, SM0JHF
July 2018

Lithuanian Hamfest 2018 Article Henryk SM0JHF

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