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OX3LX Disko Island Greenland

OZ1DJJ will be active from Disko Island ( IOTA NA-134), Greenland 26 November- 2 December 2014 as OX3LX.
He will operate on HF bands.
QSL via home call.

Disko Island one of the largest islands of Baffin Bay

A larger island present inside Baffin Bay known Disko Island is a prominent islet, which is noted for extending over a region of 8578 kilometer square and this allots it the status of being 2nd largest islet of the Greenland and its included inside the list of hundred largest islands of this world. Baffin Bay is actually situated between southwestern coasts of Greenland and Baffin Island. The region is connected with Atlantic by means of Davis Strait and Labrador Sea. Nares Strait is responsible for connecting Arctic Ocean with Baffin Bay.

Geographical aspects

The data which has been presented by experts suggest that length of this popular island is almost 160 kilometers and it rises to mean height of almost 975 meters and at some places it extends to even 1919 meters. The noted Qeqertarsuaq port is situated towards the south coast. Towards north of Qeqertarsuaq valley of Blaesedalen is present. Towards the south of Main Island Disko Bay is situated and it has a strong significance and value of its own.


This is actually a popular town as well as port situated inside the Qaasuitsup municipality situated towards the southern coast of the main Disko Island upon the western coast of Greenland. Establishment of this town took place in year 1771 and presently it acts as home towards one of the campuses of University of Cpenhagen that is also notified as Arctic Station. Estimates which were obtained in year 2013 suggested that town is noted for providing accommodation to 845 people. Remaining population of this island resides inside the settlement of Kangerluk. This is one of those regions of the Disk Island, which has many attractions to offer towards tourists. The mountains of this region are mostly covered with snow and largest also most prominent mountain is known as Sermersuaq that is present at some distance from shoreline and extending reach towards it in summer is something, which is very difficult. Next we have Lyngmark Glacier is small, which covers only 10 kilometers, but best part related with it is that you can reach it with ease just with a walk of few hours. However, it should be highlighted here that from beautiful Lyngmarksfjeld an amazing view of the much noted island’s Disko Bay provides viewers the liberty of seeing some very interesting and interesting scenes of natural beauty. The historical aspects of this region are also very prominent and it is believed by experts that present traces indicate towards settlements, which are 5 to 6 thousand years old. A major event which took place recently was that merger of Qeqertarsuaq municipality with newer Qaasuitsup was carried out.

Greenland OX3LX DX News Disko Island

Geology of Disko Island

It will not be wrong to mention that apart from tourism Disko Island is also responsible for winning the attention of masses because of its geological formations, which have contributed a lot in adding more interest and grace to this region. A variety of deposits of minerals and fossil related findings have further improved the grace and appeal of this region. Native iron, which is found in this region, is one of the most interesting geological aspects associated with the island under discussion. You will be excited to hear that twenty two tons mixture containing iron carbide and iron has been extracted from this area also the Disko Island is counted inside fewer places of our plant where one can find native iron and it doesn’t possesses meteoric origins. In addition to this, a great number of hot springs can be found inside this island and Liminognathia, which is actually a microscopic organism, is also found inside these springs. The characters and features don’t end here as many other prominent aspects provide Disko Island a unique and important identify. People visit this part of world not only because of its natural beauty, but also geological significance.

Disko Island OX3LX Greenland


A good number of studies have been conducted upon meiofauna have indicated towards the point that a very high level of diversity is present among the marine life of Disko Island. Some prominent forms of living beings, which are found in this region, are being mentioned below so that readers can develop a better and proper understanding.

  • Gastrotricha Diuronotus aspetos
  • Kigdlugssaitsu
  • Chatonotus atrox,
  • Halichaetonotus
  • Mesodasys
  • Paradasys
  • Tetranchyroderma
  • Thaumastoderma
  • Turbanella

The lovers of nature consider this place a heaven as they get the capacity of finding some very interesting and rare species here and this is something, which is not less than any kind of treat.

Greenland OX3LX Disko Island Tourist attractions

Disko Bay

This is a famous bay upon west coast of Greenland and it’s noted for constituting wider Inlet of the Baffin Bay towards the south east. Now the most interesting aspect associated with this bay is that this bay is acting as home towards many massive and stronger icebergs. The sizes of some of these icebergs are even larger than some very high buildings of our world. You are going to find these icebergs almost everywhere. Once there onlookers provide satisfaction to their eyes and soul by the magnificent beauty and charm that is exhibited by this region. This is favorite place of tourists who travel from different corners of this world to saw the beauty of glaciers, which are present at Disko Bay. In addition to all this, the shoreline has a strong and deep historical significance, which has witnessed some very important developments of the past. There are many other interesting and impressive features related with this bay especially one simply can’t ignore the geographical significance, which it possesses.

In the end, it should be mentioned here that natives are very friendly and live simple lives. They welcome guests with great excitement and provide relevant services. Because of the development of a good tourism sector finding accommodation and transport in this region is never an issue. The island’s geographical value can’t be questioned and currently it is known for its beauty and biodiversity. Also, there are many interesting aspects related with Disko Island.

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