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OX/SM7RYR Greenland

Roger, SM7RYR will be active from Greenland, IOTA NA - 018, 6 - 10 April 2017 as OX/SM7RYR.
He will operate on HF Bands using KX2 10 watt HF transceiver.
QSL only via LOTW.
QTH Locator - GP47pa.
WAZ Zone - CQ 40.
ITU Zone - 5.
DXCC Country - Greenland OX.

Greenland OX/SM7RYR Greenland. Author - Jimmy Edmonds.

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OX/SM7RYR. Where is Greenland located. Map.

OX/SM7RYR Greenland. Sunrise 12-11-2023 at GMT sunset at GMT
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