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P40AA Aruba

Mat, DL4MM will be active again as P40AA from Aruba Island, IOTA SA - 036, 19 - 31 January 2024.
He will operate on HF Bands, CW, SSB, FT8, including activity in CQ WW 160m CW.
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He will operate in Single Operator Assisted Category.
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Aruba is the happiest island

In the southern Caribbean Sea, not far from the coasts of Colombia and Venezuela, is the island of Aruba. It is located on the left flank of the Lesser Antilles. This self-governing state is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On His Majesty's recommendation, a local governor is chosen from Amsterdam and rules the country from Oranjestad, Aruba's capital.

Its inhabitants believe that they live on the happiest island. It is not by chance that a slogan is in use, with which numerous visitors, tourists from many countries of the world agree: "The happiest island". We can agree with this by making a small historical excursion.

Aruba P40AA Aruba. Author - Vlad Podvorny.

"Wonder is an island! "It's a wonderful island! Living on it is easy and simple..."

Aruba has managed to avoid wars for most of its history. Except during World War II, German U-boats attacked ships of the American Navy, allies of the Netherlands, which were in the coastal waters.

It can be remembered that the Carib tribe in the XIV century displaced from Aruba aborigines, the Arawak tribe, who since time immemorial have been peaceful, fished, hunted and made various jewelry from shells. By the way, the name Aruba in translation from Indian means "island of shells".

The Caribbean did not rule the island for long. One of the two famous Spanish travelers (it was not possible to establish exactly), Amerigo Vespucci or Alonso de Ojeda, the first of the Europeans entered this land in 1499.

The incoming colonizers coined several of their own names for the island.

- "Leeward Islands," in honor of the trade winds that operate here. This name has been retained for the whole group of Lesser Antilles and is used in geography;

- "useless islands." - Aruba's subsoil was not rich in gold or silver, and the local soil was unsuitable for farming;

- the island of "Giants" - local population growth exceeded that of Europe;

- the island of goats - Dutch colonizers were actively engaged in breeding animals on it.

However, one, romantic name Aruba took root. In 1636 the Netherlands "moved" the Spaniards and remained here until the present time. The local population quite likes this "guardianship". This is evidenced by the fact that when the country was offered independence at the end of the last century, it refused it, which is an unprecedented case in the world practice.

Aruba P40AA DX News SunsetSunset, Aruba. Author - Michelle Kelley.

How does Aruba live?

On a small island with an area of 193 thousand square kilometers, 105 thousand people live (data as of September 2017). These are descendants of European settlers and local Indians who speak Creole dialect and Dutch. More than 80% of them profess the Catholic faith. The local Aruban florin is used on the island, and the US dollar is also accepted for payment.

Based on the slogan mentioned above, the local population lives well. They are engaged in tourism, work at the oil refinery, whose industrial silhouette can be seen from afar. Agriculture, due to the scarcity of local land, is limited in development. The most common type is the industrial cultivation of aloe.

The main wealth of the island

It is nature, everything that surrounds Aruba. The climate here is tropical, dry. The air temperature on average stays at +25°C. The rainy season falls in the winter, and the precipitation does not last long. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, which protect Aruba from sharks and other marine predators. One should be wary of strong underwater currents, which in some places are quite swift and can be a challenge for inexperienced swimmers.

Flora and fauna does not shine with abundance. Against the background of numerous cactus thickets, coconut palms stands out a tree divi - divi, the crown of which looks like a hat. Under them run geckos, various lizards, on the coast you can see bissa turtles. However, one should be wary of encounters with rattlesnakes and cat-eye snakes.

Aruba P40AA Tourist attractions spot Aruba. Author - Steve Grundy.

Aruba's highlights

The main thing this island is famous for is its beaches. Magnificent sand, which does not burn the feet of vacationers. Warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, gentle sun - its main attraction.

There are several beaches: Palm Beach, Arashi Beach, Eagle Beach and others. All of them are in perfect condition.

In the south of Aruba is Mount Yamanota, the highest point of the island - 188 meters. It protects the land and its inhabitants from the sea winds.

Just behind it is the Arikok Reserve, which occupies one fifth of Aruban land. On its territory there are caves that travelers love to visit: Fontaine, where the walls are decorated with ancient hieroglyphics, Huliba or "Tunnel of Love", Guardiriki.

In the north of Aruba, the majestic "California Lighthouse" and the Lourdes Grotto, where a 700 kg sculpture of the Virgin Mary is installed, are popular with visitors. According to legend, the Virgin Mary herself pointed out the place where the sanctuary was built.

P40AA. Where is Aruba located. Map.

P40AA Aruba. Sunrise 06-15-2024 at 10:13 GMT sunset at 23:07 GMT
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