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PJ2/DL1RNT Curacao Island

Ben, PJ2/DL1RNT will be active from Curacao Island, IOTA SA - 099, 6 - 15 March 2018.
He will operate on HF Bands.
Recent DX Spots PJ2/DL1RNT
QSL via home call.
Ads for direct QSL:
Bernd Maronde, Finkensteig 5, 16792 Zehdenick, Germany.

Curacao PJ2/DL1RNTCuracao. Author - Wim Bollein.

Curacao Island PJ2/DL1RNT DX News

Curacao. Author - Reinaldo Sture.

Curacao PJ2/DL1RNT Tourist attractions spot Crab, Shete Boka National Park.

Crab, Shete Boka National Park, Curacao. Author - Dutchflavour.

PJ2/DL1RNT. Where is Curacao Island located. Map.

PJ2/DL1RNT Curacao Island. Sunrise 07-15-2024 at 10:17 GMT sunset at 23:06 GMT
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