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PJ4/K9HZ Bonaire Island

PJ4/K9HZ : K9HZ will be active from Bonaire Island 20 December 2013 - 1 January 2014 as PJ4/K9HZ
He will be active on 80-6 m
QSL via home call direct , LOTW , eQSL
Bonaire Island PJ4/K9HZ

Bonaire Island PJ4/K9HZ DX News


The island is ringed by a coral reef which is easily accessible from the shore along the western and southern sides. Furthermore, the entire coastline of the island has been declared a marine sanctuary, preserving local fish life. Montastraea annularis was the most common coral during a recent 2011 survey.

The coral reef around uninhabited Klein Bonaire is particularly well preserved, and it draws divers, snorkelers, and boaters.

Bonaire also has several coral reefs where seahorses can be found.

Bonaire is also famed for its flamingo populations and its donkey sanctuary. Flamingos are drawn to the brackish water, which harbours the shrimp upon which they feed. Starting in the 16th century, the Dutch raised sheep, goats, pigs, horses and donkeys on Bonaire, and the descendants of the goats and donkeys roam the island today, with a small population of pigs roaming as well.

Bonaire is home to the ecologically vulnerable Yellow-shouldered Amazon.

Environmental issues are a cause for concern, particularly with unregulated and illegal dumping of raw sewage and chemical pollutants which leach through the permeable limestone of the island and threaten the quality of groundwater. This is particularly of concern at the landfill site, which environmentalists state has no impermeable membrane present to prevent possible groundwater contamination by toxic waste. Destruction of wildlife habitat for commercial development thus threatening endangered species is also highlighted as a problem.


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