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Ivan, OM3CGN/SU9IG will be active from Egypt in CQ WW DX CW Contest 29- 30 November 2014 as SU0ERA.
He will be operate in SOSB 10m LP Category.
Recent DX Spots SU0ERA
When 10m will close he will work on other bands to give multiplier.
QSL via OM3CGN only for this contest operation.
SU0ERA QSL via SU1SK direct, LOTW.
Ads for direct QSL:
SAID KAMEL, P.O.Box 190 New Ramsis Center, 11794, Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt: Land of the Pyramids

Officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, Egypt is an Afro-Asiatic transcontinental country which spans the north-east corner of Africa plus the southwest corner of Asia, by way of an earth bridge to make possible is as a consequence of the Sinai Peninsula. Majority of the country’s territory lies within the Nile Valley of North Africa, although is also considered a Mediterranean country owing to its being bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea.

Egypt is also bordered to the northeast by Israel and the Gaza Strip, to the east by the Gulf of Aqaba, to the east and south by the Red Sea, to the south by Sudan and to the west by Libya. Approximately 90% of the total population is follows Islam as a religion.

Egypt is the fifteenth-most populous in the world with a population of approximately 87 million people. This also makes it the largest country in North Africa and the Arab World as well as the third-largest in Africa. Egypt is considered a cradle of civilization and has one of the longest histories of any modern country that arises in the tenth millennium BCE as one of the world's first nation states.

Geographical aspects

Egypt would be a desert is the Nile River didn’t exist. Egypt is often separated into 2 sections: Lower Egypt/in the north and Upper Egypt in the south. It is divided this way owing to the Nile that flows starting from the south towards north and unfilled into the Mediterranean/Sea. Nonetheless, owing to the extreme aridity of Egypt's climate, the country’s population centers are concentrated along the narrow Nile Valley and Delta. This means that approximately 99% of the population makes use of only about 5.5% of the total land area. 3% of the territory is occupied by 98% of Egyptians. Egypt primarily lies between latitudes 22° and 32°N, and longitudes 25° and 35°E.

Egypt has coastlines on both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The country is bordered by the Gaza Strip and Israel to the east, Libya to the west, and Sudan to the south. It covers 1,001,449 km2 (38,6662 mi2) in total). The landscape in Southern Egypt comprises of low peak and barren region while the Northern part is made up of wide valleys close to the Nile plus desert to the east as well as west. North of the capital Cairo is fertile land that sprawls on the triangular (Nile River-Delta).



Generally, the Egyptian weather is hot and dry, with hardly any rain or clouds. Egypt has only two seasons: the months of November to April provide for a mild winter while the months from May to October provide for a hot summer. Variations in daytime temperatures and changes in prevailing winds make for the only differences between the seasons.

In Cairo, during the summer, temperatures can rise as high as 95°F and drop to as low as 45°F in winter. The country becomes hotter farther south,.

Between March and June, an Egypt weather phenomenon known as the khamsin brings very high temperatures out of the Sahara Desert to the coast.

SU0ERA Egypt QSL CardSU0ERA. Egypt. QSL Card.


Egypt is a predominantly Sunni Muslim country with Islam being its state religion. Religious percentages in terms of the different religions are a controversial topic in Egypt. other Christian denominations take on 1% of the population. Roughly 12% of the population are identified as Non-denominational Muslims.

Egypt SU0ERA SU9IG DX News


  1. Egypt is formally recognized as the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  2. A majority of very old Egyptian pyramids were construct as burial place for pharaohs and their relations. Over one hundred and thirty pyramids have been exposed in Egypt to date.
  3. In 2012, the inhabitants of Egypt was just more than 83/million (83-688-164)
  4. Egypt is a very dry country. The Sahara and Libyan Desert make up most of its area.
  5. Egypt is surrounded by the Libya, Gaza Strip, Sudan and Israel in addition to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea .
  6. In ancient Egypt, both men as well as women do makeup. The paint that went on the eye was typically green or black. It was made as of lead or copper and was known as kohl. In addition to getting defense from the sun, the Egyptians believed that make-up had magical remedial authority.
  7. The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt spans across 2 continents, Asia and Africa.
  8. The afterlife was extremely important to the Egyptians. They believed that through preservation of the dead body by way of the mummification, the soul would live on in the after-life forever.
  9. Mount Catherine which stands at 2,629m high (8625 ft) is the maximum peak in Egypt
  10. Arabic is the executive language of Egypt.
  11. Ancient Egyptians believed in over 2,000 deities
  12. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt.
  13. In ancient Egypt, cats were taken as sacred animal animals. They were believed to bring good luck to the household.
  14. Natural hazards experienced in Egypt include earthquakes, landslides, flash floods, windstorms ( khamsin), sandstorms and dust storms.

Egypt SU0ERA SU9IG Tourist attractions

  1. Ancient Egyptians invented quite a number of things inclusive of paper, locks, pens, keys and toothpaste.
  2. The greatest river in the world, the Nile that runs through the Egypt.
  3. The bandages of an antique/Egyptian mum could make longer for 1.6km when unwrapped.
  4. Egypt is well-known for its very old civilization, the Ancient Egyptians, who date back to about 3150 B/C.
  5. Egypt is house the huge Pyramid of Giza, one of the 7 Wonders of the antique World.
  6. On typical, only 1 inch of rain falls in Egypt every year
  7. The most well-liked sports in Egypt is football (soccer).
  8. Ancient Egyptians mummified not only people but animals as well.
  9. For ancient Egyptians, bread was the most important food and beer was their favorite drink.
  10. The ancient Egyptians worshipped more than 1,000 different gods and goddesses. The most important god of all was Ra, the sun God

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SU0ERA. Where is Egypt located. Map.

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