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T32TM East Kiribati

NL8F will be active from East Kiribati 25 March  - 2 April 2014 as T32TM
He will be active on HF Bands
QSL via K8NA
Kiribati T32TM

Kiribati T32TM DX News

Kiribati was named in French by captains Krusenstern and Louis Isidore Duperrey "îles Gilbert",Gilbert Islands, after the British Captain Thomas Gilbert, who sighted the islands in 1788. The current name, Kiribati, is an adaptation of "Gilberts", from the former European name the "Gilbert Islands". Although the indigenous Gilbertese language name for the Gilbert Islands proper is Tungaru, the new state chose the name Kiribati, the Gilbertese rendition of Gilberts, as an equivalent of the former colony to acknowledge the inclusion of islands never considered part of the Gilberts chain


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