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T88KU Koror Island Palau

Hagen, DL2KUH will be active from Koror Island (IOTA OC-009) 17 - 21 March 2016 as T88KU.
He will operate on HF Bands.
QSL via home call, LOTW, eQSL.
Hagen Heggenberger, Ahornstr. 2, POERING 85604, Germany.

Koror Island Palau T88KU

Koror Island, Palau. Author - m&d.ajimine.

Koror Island Palau T88KU DX News Koror Island, Palau. Author - il_baro.

Koror Island Palau T88KU Tourist attactions spot Jellyfish lakeJellyfish Lake, Palau. Author - Angelo Taotaotasi.

Where is Koror Island located. Map.

T88KU Koror Island Palau. Sunrise 09-21-2023 at 20:50 GMT sunset at 09:00 GMT
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