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TF/SP7VC and TF/SQ7OYL will be active from Iceland, 24 July - 13 August 2020.
They will visit various locations and will operate HF, VHF, EME.
Recent DX Spots TF/SP7VCRecent DX Spots TF/SQ7OYL
They are going to activate 7 Lighthouses and 7 WFF references.
QSL via SP7VC.
Postponed to 2021.

TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL Iceland DX NewsIceland. Author - Simone Gramegna.

TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL Iceland Banner
TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL Iceland. Banner.

Below is a map of grid locators I will try to activate on 6m,4m and 2m during this trip.

TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL Iceland QTH Locators

TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL. Where is Iceland located. Map.

TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL Iceland. Sunrise 12-04-2022 at 10:49 GMT sunset at 15:22 GMT
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