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TF/SP7VC and TF/SQ7OYL will be active from Iceland, IOTA EU - 021, 27 July - 17 August 2023.
They will visit various locations and will operate HF, VHF, EME.
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Iceland - a unique place on earth

Iceland is an independent island-type state in Northern Europe, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Until 1944, the archipelago belonged to Denmark, until it gained full independence. Iceland is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet. In the local language, Iceland means "Land of Ice", which is the best way to describe the island with its peculiar snow-covered landscapes, shaded by rich green mountains and plains. Every year, this fabulously beautiful country attracts many tourists from all over the world, which proves the truth - you can rest not only in the tropics, but also in the cold pre-Arctic, admiring the northern lights.

TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL Iceland DX NewsIceland. Author - Simone Gramegna.

Nature of Iceland

The area of the main island and the adjacent group of small islands is 103 sq. km. The island is rich in lakes, rivers, underground thermal springs, volcanoes and glaciers. There are more than a hundred volcanoes in Iceland alone, and at least a quarter of them have erupted in the last millennium. It is the fossilized volcanic rock that has shaped the island in its present form. The most famous and largest volcanoes in Iceland are the currently active Laki and Hecla.

Therapeutic geothermal springs enjoy great popularity among tourists. One of the most demanded geothermal recovery resorts is Blue Lagoon famous all over the world. Water temperature in springs fluctuates within 36-40°C. Underground waters are heated by volcanic lava rising close to the earth's surface.

By the way, the energy of the underground waters is not wasted - it is used for heating homes, fed into swimming pools and used for other purposes, which significantly saves the consumption of heat. The almost complete absence of energy production industry, coupled with the island's isolation makes the local air crystal clear.

On the island you can see a truly pristine nature, preserving its beauty and grandeur in pristine condition. The moderately cool climate is characterized by high humidity, strong winds and changeable weather. The unique climatic conditions are the result of the simultaneous influence of the warm Gulf Stream and the cold East Greenland Current. The constant struggle of such opposing elements converging on this tiny piece of land has given rise to all those fantasy landscapes that can only be seen in Iceland.

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TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL Iceland. Banner.

Sightseeing in Iceland

Nature of unearthly beauty overshadows all the man-made monuments of the island. However, Iceland is so multifaceted that it is difficult to decide on one main attraction - literally every corner of the island that catches your eye will amaze you with its beauty.

Reykjavik is the largest city on the island, and the most northern of all the capitals of the world. In this young and modern city you will not find a single factory. In the capital, you can visit a number of museums dedicated to history and culture of the country, try the local cuisine in restaurants and cafes. There is entertainment for fans of nightlife, whose services are numerous bars, discos and clubs.

A striking and original natural monument are geyser fields, of which there are over two hundred. Be sure to visit the Höykadalur Valley, where there are two large geysers - Strokkur and Geysir (the height of water columns reaches 20 and 60 meters respectively).

When traveling in Iceland, include in your list of must-see natural monuments the majestic Gudlfoss waterfall, where there is a rift formed between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Diving deep into the crevasse is a cherished dream of divers from all over the world.

Apart from Gudlfoss, the island has many other equally picturesque waterfalls, like you won't see anywhere else in the world. Here is the most powerful waterfall of Europe - Dettifoss. The Seljalandsfoss and Hrøjnfossar lava waterfalls are of great interest.

In the eastern part of Iceland there is a large-scale glacier Vatnajökull and the fjords, formed in prehistoric times. Here one can also visit Skaftafel Natural Park.

Tourists are greatly impressed by the scale of the Vatnajökull National Park. On the vast territory you can see all sorts of landscapes present in Iceland. Green plains flowing smoothly into snow-capped mountains are complemented by glaciers of gigantic size, noisy waterfalls, hot water springs erupting from the ground, and desolate volcanoes with lava fields. This landscape often serves as a natural backdrop for the filming of sci-fi movies, as even the most experienced production team would not be able to artificially recreate something like this.

Below is a map of grid locators I will try to activate on 6m,4m and 2m during this trip.

TF/SP7VC TF/SQ7OYL Iceland QTH Locators

Traditions and national cuisine

Locals for the most part communicate fluently in English, although there is only one official language in the country - Icelandic. The islanders profess Lutheranism, but in general, modern residents, especially the young people, do not consider themselves religious.

In Iceland they do not use family names, replacing them when addressing to a person by the first name and sometimes by a patronymic. This tradition is difficult to get used to, given the already difficult language to comprehend.

Among the important holidays is the pagan Yule, which is celebrated for 12 nights from December 24. Independence Day, celebrated on June 17, is no less celebrated.

Traditional Icelandic cuisine is rich in animal products. Fish and meat are prepared in different ways, using stewing, pickling, marinades, etc. For bold tourists, local chefs offer a special dish called "hakarl" - shark meat, seasoned in the ground for two months, and complemented when served with a traditional local recipe schnapps.

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