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TO7O FM/EA1BP Martinique

TO7O. FM/EA1BP will be active from Martinique, IOTA NA - 107, 27 October - 5 November 2021.
He will operate on HF Bands, including activity in CQ WW SSB Contest, 30 - 31 October 2021.
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He will operate as TO7O in Single Operator All Band Category.
QSL via home call, ClubLog OQRS.
Ads for direct QSL:
Miguel Angel Devora, Canadelo Alto, 55 - 2B, Vigo, (Pontevedra), 36206, Spain

TO7O FM/EA1BP Tartane, Martinique Island
Tartane, Martinique Island. Author - Clement Brustel.

TO7O FM/EA1BP Martinique Island DX NewsMartinique Island. Author - Benoit Peloponese.

TO7O FM/EA1BP Martinique Island Tourist attractions spotMartinique Island. Author - trenc100.

TO7O FM/EA1BP. Where is Martinique Island located. Map.

TO7O FM/EA1BP Martinique. Sunrise 12-01-2021 at 10:12 GMT sunset at 21:34 GMT
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