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TX3X Chesterfield Islands News 9 February 2015

TX3X Chesterfield Islands News 09.02. 2015

License / Call Sign:
It's official, we received the license and call sign: TX3X from the licensing authority in Noumea, New Caledonia.
DX-pedition Goals:
We've been talking about ways to increase the number of uniques and ATNOs in the log. To that end we modified the project goals to put some focus on ATNOs, suggestions welcome to:
On-island Team:
We're pleased to announce that:
Arnie Shatz N6HC joined as team medic, he brings extensive DX-pedition experience to the project. Arnie was a member of nine major DX-peditions: K7C-Kure atoll (2005), 3B7C- St. Brandon Island (2007), TX5C- Clipperton Island (2008), K4M-Midway Island (2009), T31A- Kanton atoll, Central Kiribati (2011), T32C- Christmas Island, Eastern Kiribati (2011), NH8S-Swains Island (2012), T33A-Banaba (2013) and FT5ZM-Amsterdam Island (2014).
New Corporate Sponsor:
We welcome DX-Engineering as a sponsor. Several other firms have offered to assist, we're working with them to finalize their participation.
Log Search / OQRS Application:
Our software has been updated with the latest (and final) enhancements, we've been testing the functions.
The entire VK9MT log was loaded for testing. We're looking for 15 people to give the software a test drive. We will open the Log Search - OQRS functions for you and we'll work the QSL management back end (No QSLs or LoTWs will be sent).
The software should be intuitive, no instructions are needed. If you work through the process and make the Paypal payment we'll refund the money to you.
If you worked VK9MT and have a few minutes to play with the software please send an e-mail to
Financial Sponsors:
We're pleased to report significant contributions from the Northern California DX Foundation, Oceania DX Group, and INDEXA. Several clubs in Europe indicated their support will be forthcoming.
To date we also received support from: Lone Star DX Association, LA DX Group, German DX Foundation, Mediterraneo DX Club, Oceania DX Group, Danish DX Group, Long Island DX Association, Nippon DX and the Lynx DX Group.
We appreciate these early supporters of the project, and of course, we appreciate your continued support.
A recalculation of Clublog's most wanted moved Chesterfield to #23 worldwide. Surprisingly, Chesterfield is #19 most wanted, SSB North America. With the activation of Navassa, Chesterfield will most likely move to #22.
We've been busy arranging shipping logistics:
A Carnet firm was engaged to handle the New Zealand and New Caledonia Customs formalities. JFI Logistics will handle the shipment from San Francisco while Bellville Rodair International will handle the shipmet from Budapest.
A customs broker in New Zealand was identified and will work with us to bring the equipment into that country. Once cleared the shipment will be accepted by Precision Autowerk who will store the equipment until we load the boat.
Chesterfield 2015 DX-pedition Team

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