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V25A Antigua and Barbuda Islands

Kei, KG2A will be active from Antigua and Barbuda Islands 25 - 30 December 2014 as V25A.
He will operate on 160 - 10m CW, SSB.
QSL via KG2A direct.

Twin Islands

Among the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea is associated island present that is named as Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda is population of parallel isle. These are two major populated isles and are famous for small numbers of islands present in it. Antigua and Barbuda are having lot of greenery and sceneries and is famous for glory of birds and beautiful maiden fields. The island of Redonda plus York Islands are also present here. 81,800 is total number of population inhabited here that represents the demographics at 2011 of Twin Island. St. John's, on Antigua is greatest port and centre of Antigua and Barbuda.

At 17°N of the equator in the center of the Leeward/Islands and being division of the smaller Antilles, Antigua and Barbuda are present in the centre. Because of presence of large number of beaches across it Antigua and Barbuda, they are also memorized as “Area of 365 oceans and beaches”.

When we revised history of Twin Island we came to know that Siboney was group that first inhabited here by Amerindians. And in 3100 BC new arrangements were made by dating of Carbon. Because of people they were able to settle who came from the basement of Orinoco River.

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Agricultural Aspects

When agriculture and fields of Antigua and Barbuda Twin island are noticed, we discussed crops like Ananas comosus, corn, sweet potatoes, chilies, guava, tobacco, and cotton that were first acknowledged by Arawaks.

Beautiful and well arranged tunnels passing through sea areas were first introduced by giants Indians of areas of West. Populated in South side of America and islands Caribs and their fore fathers are still living here are “Caribs and Arawaks”


Within an organization and system of a integral, parliamentary, identifiable democratic monarchy the government of Antigua and Barbuda is based. Monarch is the Head of State who establish Governor General as vice-regal representative. Antigua and Barbuda was serving the island since got freedom from United Kingdom. Her name was Elizabeth II and was serving since 1981. Governor General Sir Rodney Williams is charactering the Queen at present. Governor General on the order of the Prime Minister directs the “Ministers and their Conference”. Head of government is Gaston Browne at present.

Antigua and Barbuda Islands V25A

Economic Aspect

The economy that represents revenues generated and represented by GDP is largely covered by tourism and recreational activities. Luxury is basic element that makes this Island worth watching. Economy is represented that shows weak recreational activities since 2000.

Contribution of banking and services of finance are important part of economy of Antigua and Barbuda. Different banks present in world that have offices in Antigua are having the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Scotia bank.

The horticulture creation of Antigua and Barbuda is based on national market that is restricted by reduced supply of water and work force shortage. Because of this shortage and destitution of economy expenditure of recreation and development cost increases greatly.

Recession progress in production in case of central terms depends upon rising of salaries and stability of economy. The major products and electronic devices represent the important productions of Antigua and Barbuda. One third of tourist visited here from United States and countries that are productive and industrialized.

Society and culture

History of social and cultural life has shown that role of Afro-Antiguans and Barbudans was very influential who orderly removed Non Whites from this area. And in the society system British after their settlement and establishment in 1623 rated the groups of ethnicity.

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Language and Media

Official language of Antigua and Barbuda is English. And the formal languages being spoken include Antiguan Creole. The accent of Barbudan is little varied from the Antiguan accent.

In April 2010 in Antigua and Barbuda there were two newspapers that were published. Daily Observer and the Antigua Sun were the newspaper that was collectively serving in media industry of Antigua and Barbuda. On other Caribbean islands these were also narrated.


90% literacy rate of Antigua and Barbuda represents the people who go to school. National mandate was applied in 1998 with the intention to provide medical services in the Caribbean. Technology establishment and advancement was also made in the Caribbean Island. American University of Antigua is medical school that started its services since 2004 and University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) that was founded in 1982.


National sport of Antigua and Barbuda is cricket that promoted many important and well-known cricket players like Anderson "Andy" Sir Vivian Richards, Roberts, and "Richie" Richard Richardson. Culture of Antigua and Barbuda was influence and adapted by Africans of West and Britain traditions. Other famous sports of Antigua and Barbuda include football, surfing and boat racing. Visitors, locals and tourists are attracted from all over world during Antigua Sailing Week

Restaurant Specialties

With lobster, red worth sampling includes snapper, conch, mahi mahi, shrimp and other fish always that are specialties that are served mostly in restaurants. Private restaurants that are present in Twin Island also served many traditional Caribbean dishes. French, Italian and American food as well as local specialties is also served specially in restaurants and hotels. Street food that includes barbeque chicken, fish and rotis served at places near St John’s and English Harbour. Good spot to find food vendors is market of St John’s.

Specialties of any hotels include Fungee, Pepperpot, Roti, and Ducana, Tamarind balls, Antigua Black pineapple, Callaloo and Johnny cakes.

Food of Antigua can be spicy and extra splash of hot sauce can be added by people such as ‘Susie’s Hot sauce’ a bottle of which is seen on most Antiguan dining tables.

In conclusion Antigua and Barbuda is Twin Island and is famous for its lots of specialties. Small Island presents beautiful views and agricultural fields include lots of crops like crops like Ananas comosus, corn, sweet potatoes, chilies, guava, tobacco, and cotton. Twin Island of Barbuda and Antigua can often called Field of 365 beaches. Beaches enhance natural beauty and glamour for visitors. Society and culture is largely affected by Afro-Antiguans and Barbudans.

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