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V26CV Antigua Island

Chuck, KG9N will be active as V26CV from Antigua Island, IOTA NA - 100, 6 - 20 February 2024.
He will operate on HF Bands.
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The fragile tropical paradise of Antigua Island

Discovered to the Old World by Christopher Columbus, the island of Antigua is one of the "paradises" where the weather is always warm and there are a significant number of sunny days per year. It is here that a huge number of world regattas are held, the most authentic Caribbean rum is produced, and the number of beaches coincides with the number of days of the year.

V26CV Antigua IslandAntigua Island. Author - Harold Moses.

Geography of the tropical island

"The base" of the island is predominantly limestone sediments of coral origin. Its coastline is rocky, mottled with a huge number of bays and coves. Some of them form convenient harbors. Unlike other Antilles, the surface of Antigua is flat, without mountain chains. Despite the abundant rainfall, there is a problem of drought caused by the absence of rivers and human intervention (deforestation). It is solved by desalination of sea water.

From Columbus to the present day

At the very end of the XV century, the famous navigator Christopher Columbus discovered to the Old World an island known among the local population as Wadadli, which literally translates as "our property". Almost a century and a half later, the area was colonized by the British, who, later, firmly "consolidated" their rights to these lands, having repulsed the French invaders in 1666. The island retained the status of a British colony for many centuries, then became part of the West Indies Federation. The state gained its independence in 1981, but it is still a member of the Commonwealth, headed by Great Britain.

Antigua owes its present name to the same Columbus, who named his discovery in honor of one of the Spanish churches, namely Santa Maria La Antigua. Nowadays, the state of Antigua and Barbuda has several sources of income, the main ones being tourism, the gaming industry and offshore banking.

V26CV Antigua Island DX NewsAntigua Island. Author - Kevin Sweetser.

What Antigua has to offer

In addition to the developed tourist infrastructure, the island of Antigua can please with amazing nature, winding hiking trails and amazing architectural monuments.

In the capital of the state, the city of St. John's, there is a historical district, the centerpiece of which can be called St. John's Cathedral, built in neo-Baroque style. The shrine was erected in the XIX century on the site of an earlier religious building of the XVII century. Next to the cathedral there is an ancient cemetery, which is no less significant historical value.

The most interesting artifacts related to the life and history of the state are in the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, which is located in an amazingly beautiful old building from the period of colonization. In addition to the museum, there are many colonial architectural sites on the island, most of which are located on Long Street, convenient for quiet walks. And going to Dickenson Bay, you can find the ruins of the ancient defensive castle Corbinson.

There are also quite unusual sights on the island, such as the Hope Manor Bettiz sugar plantation and its adjoining museum. And, of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to the permanent symbol of Antigua - ancient windmills, which are about 150 pieces.

V26CV Antigua Island Tourist attractions spotAntigua Island. Author - Joe Brnobic.

Unique Nature and Devil's Bridge

The rich nature of the island consists of a huge number of rare plants, among which fly equally rare birds, all of which find their place in Indian Town - the National Park of the island. Another park, Half Moon Bay, is notable for its breathtakingly beautiful bay, which bears the same name as the reserve.

In almost every corner of the globe there is a place that gives rise to many legends and tales. On the island of Antigua this is the rocky formation called Devil's Bridge - this extraordinary natural monument attracts with its mystery and picturesque view.

The Rendezvous Trail, which is rich in unusual scenery and easy to hike, passes through areas of rare trees and shrubs, among which there are species of valuable mahogany. It is also home to a huge number of birds that create the "paradise" flavor of the island.

It is impossible to ignore the huge number of beaches, due to which the island is considered a "resort paradise". The most popular and lively bays, Runaway Bay and Dickenson Bay, are located in the northwestern part of Antigua.

Relaxation, tranquility and union with nature

A rare combination of tropical fauna and exquisite historical monuments, the island of Antigua is not just a popular world resort that offers plenty of opportunities for luxury vacations. It is a place with a special atmosphere and amazing, fragile nature, which can be touched only with a glance.

V26CV. Where is Antigua Island located. Map.

V26CV Antigua Island. Sunrise 02-29-2024 at 10:24 GMT sunset at 22:14 GMT
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