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V63ZF V63DX V6A Pohnpei Island

Masa, JA7ZF and Sho, JA7HMZ will be active from Pohnpei Island 28 November - 4 December 2014 as V63ZF and V63DX.
They will operate on HF Bands and Sho, JA7HMZ will parcipicate in CQ WW DX CW Contest 29- 30 November 2014 as V6A.
QSL info
V63ZF via JA7ZF.
V63DX, V6A via JA7HMZ.

Pohnpei Island: Home of rich mangrove forests

Known for flowering hibiscus, jungle hillsides and lush vegetation, Pohnpei is one of the beautiful islands located in the South Sea. It belongs to the archipelago of Senyavin Islands and is truly a picturesque landscape of tumbling waterfalls, rivers and the streams.

Geographical Aspects

Pohnpei is actually one of the four states that comprise the area called Federal States of Micronesia. The capital city of Micronesia named Palikir is located on Pohnpei Island as well. Pohnpei is one of the most populous and developed island of Micronesia and native are being known to be friendly and welcoming towards foreigners.

The highest point of the island is the Mount Nanlaud which is nearly 782 meters above sea land. Moreover, the island is one of the wettest places in the world where the annual rainfall exceeds 300 inches respectively.


Since Pohnpei Island is situated in the tropics, there is mostly rainy weather. It lies in the tropical rainforest zone; so much rainfall can be seen.


Pohnpei is more ethnically diverse island than others that belong to Micronesia. The population of the island by the year 2010 was nearly 34,000 respectively.

The diversity results due to the fact that much foreign population can be seen and they include Japanese, Spanish, American, Germans, Filipinos, Australian and even Europeans as well. The indigenous make-up of the island also hosts diverse ethnicities of the other islands that results in the mix race of Australian-Pacific Islanders.

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Tourist Attractions

From Pohnpei Island, tourists can visit the Chuuk Lagoon that is located within the Caroline Islands and surrounded by the fringing coral reef. The lagoon dates back to 2000 years earlier and includes the period of the colonial rule of the Japanese Empire, German Empire and the Spanish Empire as well.

The Chuuk lagoon played its part during the Second World War, as it was the base and the stronghold for the Japanese military in the South-Pacific region. Many Japanese ships got destroyed in the war and the wreckage can still be seen that lies at the bottom of the lagoon and is scattered at an area of 77 square miles as well.

The Island of Pohnpei is home to rich mangrove forests and its coastline is rich with nutrients that carried away to the lagoon. As a result, there is much marine life and much diversity can be found respectively. A visitor can take a small boat trip to the two atolls that are close by. They include Ant and Pakin that are simply majestic and beautiful. The atolls provide the exciting experience of diving and the deep fan laden chasm can be explored too.

Another notable landmarks present in Pohnpei island are the Nan Madol ruins that are considered as the ‘Venice of the Pacific’ region. It is actually a man-made city that is filled with water channels and in the past a royal civilization also thrived here. The residences of the Kings and the magicians are found here that were build of big basalt pillars. The ruins are still being explored and studied till today.

Another boldest landmark found in Pohnpei is the scenic Sokehs Rock, which is a step cliff-face that resembles the Diamond Head present in the city of Honolulu area.

Another popular aspect about Pohnpei Island is the drink called Sakau. It is a kava-like brew which is prepared with a pepper plant that grows in the wild. You can see the making of Sakau and enjoy the experience for sure. This drink is also sold in the bars.

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Interesting Facts

Pohnpei Island has been written about in many stories by different authors especially H.P Lovecraft. Like for instance, books named ‘Out of Aeons’ have been inspired by the ruins of Nan Madol respectively. While in the book named ‘Deep Fathom’ by James Rollins, the island and its ruins play a central role as well.

The Nan Madol ruins have also been discussed in the novel called Medusa which was written by the famous author Clive Cussler. Lastly, Pohnpei Island also features in the popular blog called ‘Dunce Upon a Time’ by B.C woods too.

Famous Personalities from Pohnpei Island

1. Debra Daniel: An Olympic swimmer.

2. Iris Falcam : A Librarian and former First Lady of Micronesia.

3. Leo Falcam: The Former President of Micronesia.

4. Kerson Hadley : An Olympic swimmer.

5. Emelihter Kihleng : A poet.

6. Bailey Olter : Former President of Micronesia.

7. Eiken Elam Saimon: A Multiple-Murderer.

8. Mihter Wendolin : An Olympic sprinter.

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Getting in and around Pohnpei Island

You can board a flight on Caroline Islands Air that operates once or twice a week and travel to Pohnpei Island. Then, a visitor can board a flight on United Airlines if he is travelling from Hawaii or Guam as well.

Inside Pohnpei, one can take a taxi from the airport which will cost 3 US dollars respectively. Other car rentals which can be hired include Apollo’s Rent A Car, Budget and Penny Car Rental respectively.

Since Pohnpei is not a very big island, its size is ideal for those who look for a short stay. It is circular in shape and it requires as much as three hours driving around the whole island. But driving on the road is not that easy and one has to drive slowly on the single, coast-hugging thoroughfare.


There is no problem of accommodation in Pohnpei Island and one can lodge at any budget easily. Top notch hotel can be found that provide the best services to the people. They include Joy Hotel, South Park Hotel and Ocean View Hotel as well. Out of these three, Joy Hotel is the best one that offers quality food and clean place to stay.

A seven star inn by the name of Kolonia B&B is also present which a pretty good lodging place to stay indeed. The interior and the rooms are designed stylishly and are pretty clean as well. The food is extremely good and there is a facility of television in term of entertainment respectively.

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