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Video 5H3FM Zanzibar Island

Video 5H3FM Zanzibar Island, Tanzania. Author - Ferdy De Martin, HB9DSP.
DX'pedition made in the easy way on this wonderfull Island of Zanzibar Tanzania East Africa Featuring: IU3RGS IZ5PMS VK3EW VK2WWV A41KC M0UTD HB9HLM RW3RN VK5KI UY2IZ OK2FD R3EV SV1FTY DO1TLR DF3AH N4TOR HB9HIN E75M F5OHM SP9XRP HA8BE IV4LEC E78ZX IZ5MMP EA3L LZ6DJ SP2TMT R7TK IU2IDU SQ9ITH IK8SVQ F5LBL Set up: Icom 7300 100w and home design multiband vertical loop for 20 15 10 Yaesu FT891 100w and home design vertical dipole 2000++ qso made in SSB and 400++ in FT8 QSL via homecall HB9DSP

Amateur Ham Radio Video 5H3FM Zanzibar Island Tanzania

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