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1995 A Tour of the famous DX'er Al Hix W8AH

Amateur Radio Video W8AH

In the winter of my sophomore year of high school, my best friend and I were studying for our 13 WPM CW exams and we were blessed! World famous DX'er and local ham radio royalty Mr. Albert Homer Hix stepped up to help two young hams looking to advance their skill! My friend William KB8YZX had access to his parents video camera and brought it along for one of our training sessions with the master! Our CW sessions took place around the dinning room table and if our performance passed inspection we were then invited into the shack to see how a real ham with a real passion had built his very own mission control, and seriously to a couple 15 year old nerds as far as we were concerned we had officially arrived in mission control! It was very inspiring to use to see Al in action. Al and his wife Connie were always the most gracious host Al was a very soft spoken kind gentlemen in person but was a fierce force when he was ON THE AIR, I hope you enjoy this 12 minute unedited very raw video. I remained silent when the camera was active, voice heard is Mr Hix himself and cameraman William - 73 de Seth - W8FG

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