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VK9DJ Lord Howe Island

Wolfgang, DH3WO will be active from Lord Howe Island 10-12 October 2014 as VK9DJ.
He will be active on HF bands CW, SSB, RTTY.
QSL via DJ2HD.

Lord Howe Island: an Island Paradise off the East Coast of Australia

Getting to Know Lord Howe Island:

Lord Howe-Island can be found between Australia and New Zealand. It is located in the Tasman Sea. Most of the population lives on the north side of the island. Lord Howe-Island is approximately10 km long and 2 km wide. The main and only export from the island is Kentia palm seeds and seedlings.

American and European whalers were the original inhabitants. The island has three major religions: Catholic, Anglican, and Adventist. The primary language spoken on the island is English but some islanders speak Mandarin, Samoan, or Fijian as their first language.

Lord-Howe Island was first discovered in 1788 by LT. Henry Lidgbird Ball while he was sailing between Sydney Cove and Norfolk Island. Lord Howe Island was first inhabited in 1834 by 3 New Zealand couples. During this time the island was under British rule. Today, the island is an unincorporated area that falls under the rule of the state of New South Wales.

Modes of Transportation on Lord Howe Island:

  • Air Travel: Having your own ship can get you access to the island but it is more feasible to fly. Lord Howe Island is a 2 hour flight from Sydney. The main airline to the island is QantasLink. QantasLink flies to the island daily from Sydney and on weekends from Port Macquarie and Brisbane.
  • Bicycle: This is the most efficient manner of transportation on the island. The cost is approximately $8 per day.
  • Driving: Another method of getting around the island is by renting a car. Renting a vehicle is not essential because most accommodations will transport you to most locations on the island. The approximate cost is $50 per day.

Lord Howe Island VK9DJ


Lord Howe Island has a population of 360 residents. Lord Howe Island does have a restriction on the total number of tourist allowed on the island, which are 400 tourists. With the limited number of individuals on the island there are only two means of employment: tourism or overseas sale of Kentia palm. One interesting cultural fact is that there is no mobile service available on the island. The individuals who live on the island use land lines. There are strict rules on the island to ensure the natural order of plant and animal life are not disturbed. There is a small hospital with holds 4 beds, a general store, police department, butcher and ranger. Items are shipped nightly to the island via the Island Trader. Lord Howe Island does have a newspaper and a single radio station called The Signal.


The climate of Lord Howe Island is mild year round. This makes it a perfect destination anytime of the year. The summer temperature stays around 25 degrees Celsius and falls down to 19 degrees Celsius in the winter months. Although the temperature is mild throughout the year the most popular times to visit are between September and June. During the winter months the days are still warm but the night time is a bit chilly. These are the nights when a bond fire or sitting by the fireplace is desirable.

Lord Howe Island boasts a beautiful scenery and untouched natural vegetation. The island has numerous beaches, mountains, hills, valleys, lowlands, sea-cliffs, a marine park, and endemic species. With over 70% of the island still untouched there are a variety of unique landscapes and species.

Lord Howe Island VK9DJ DX News


Lord Howe Island has numerous activities to engage in while enjoying nature. Some of the activities that are offered are: fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, bird watching, various sports, and tours. After you have relaxed a little and taken in a little sun you can focus on the adventures that the island offers. Along with passive bird watching and hiking, there are numerous sports you can engage in. The island offers sports like: bike riding, surfing, golf, lawn bowls, kite boarding, tennis, sailing, and stand up paddle boarding. If you are not the adventures types you can take one of the numerous tours offered on the island.


Lord Howe Island has a unique situation when it comes to accommodations. The Island can only accommodate 400 tourists at one time. There are 19 different accommodations that range from single apartments to standard lodges. The 19 properties you can choose from are: The Broken Banyan, Leanda-Lei Apartments, Pinetrees Lodge, Beachcomber Lodge, Ocean View Apartments, Mary Challis Cottages, Arajilla Retreat,Lorhiti, Blue Lagoon, Earl’s Anchorage, Milky Way Apartments, Ebbtide Apartments, Pandanus Lodge, Capella Lodge, The Treehouse, Howeana Apartments, Somerset Apartments, Waimarie, and Bowker Beach House. Each accommodation has two room rates: Off peak and Peak. With the numerous choices of accommodations, individual preferences will dictate your choice.

  • The Ocean View Apartments is one of the original accommodations. The apartments have been around for over 100 years and are owned and operated by the 5th and 6th generation of the original owners. They are equipped with a full kitchen and are perfect for an individual or family who want the comforts of home.
  • One of the most lavish getaways is the Arajilla Retreat. It is the premier accommodation on Lord Howe Island. There are 12 suites that have 2 bedrooms each. The property is family owned and managed. Included with the accommodations are: a full breakfast, 3 course dinner, afternoon tea & cake, pre-dinner drinks, island and airport transportation, internet service, beach chairs and towels, snorkeling and fishing equipment, and bicycles. Arajilla Retreat offers you the full island paradise package.


Lord Howe Island offers you a small piece of island paradise. The island is full of adventure and beautiful scenery. From the numerous outdoor activities to the international cuisine, this island is a fun filled vacation for a couple or a family. A fun fact to know about the island is that it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property in 1982. The island was awarded this status because of its natural untouched beauty. If you’re looking for a serene island getaway then Lord Howe Island is where you want to be.

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