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VP2EAQ VP2EAR Anguilla Island

KE1B and W6NN will be active again as VP2EAQ and VP2EAR from Anguilla Island, IOTA NA - 022, 24 May - 1 June 2023.
They will operate on 40 - 10M, possibly 6m, CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8.
Recent DX Spots VP2EAQ
Recent DX Spots VP2EAR
They will be active also in CQ WW WPX CW Contest, 27 - 28 May 2023, as VP2EAQ.
QSL info
VP2EAQ via KE1B direct, LOTW.
VP2EAR via W6NN direct, LOTW.
They will be at the Songbird Villa, Rendezvous Bay.

Anguilla Island

A brief of Anguila Island

Anguilla is set in the Caribbean sea but it is a British territory. Lies between the Virgin island and Puerto Rico, Anguilla is 16 miles in length and 3 miles in width. There are numbers of islands which are also part of the Anguilla but these islands are not inhabited. The Valley is the capital city and the land holds a population of 13,500 people in a 35 square miles area.

Anguilla got its name from a Spanish language that means ‘eel’. This is due to the shape of the island forms a unique eel shape like. The first tribe to settle in Anguilla was American Indians. They were migrated from the south and they were there for centuries. Archaeologists have found the trace of the native with approximate time around 1300 BC year old. The settlement was way far before the European discover the place.

The Englishmen who settled in Anguilla were Sain Kitts people. Being took over by the French in 1666, it was then returned to the European control. Anguilla was a place for those abandoned as refuge. In times of war, the island was actually a good place to live. And many Europeans began to visit Anguilla from Barbados and Antigua.

The Europeans brought African slaves to work on the site. Hence, the Africans influence can still be seen with their religion. The African presence in Anguilla can be traced by their depots in Leward island.

Anguilla Island VP2EAQ VP2EAR


Anguila has a tropical climate. It is cool and also dry with an average temperature of 80 °F. It is between July and October that Anguilla has its warmest period. The coolest climate happens between December and February.

The rainfall in Anguilla is varied from time to time. This island is also a common area for storms and hurricanes. It occurs mostly in between July to November. The serious damage occurred during 1995 with floods that damaged almost all part of the island due to Hurricane Lenny.

Geographical information

Anguilla is actually set in coral and limestone of Caribbean Sea. The poor soil only supports limited vegetation of forests. However, the coral reefs are breathtakingly wonderful. The uninhabited areas are part of the Anguilla. These small islands often found as heaven on earth.

  • Dog island
  • Anguillita
  • Sandy island
  • Seal island
  • Scrub island
  • Hat island

Anguilla Island VP2EAQ VP2EAR DX News

Culture and cuisine

Anguilla National Trust is responsible for the island heritage and preservation. The culture is highly influenced by the Indians and also Europeans. Their early lives in the island can be traced by the artefacts found by the historians. The ANT also encourages writers to spread the news about Anguilla culture and history. The history is much as important as the culture. There are extensive events celebrated around culture and historical events in Anguilla. The British and Summer fests are only some of them.

The cuisine also holds an important part to introduce Anguilla to the tourists. The cuisine is a mix of African, Spanish, French and Caribbean itself. The local seafood is served abundantly as the area is easy to obtain the sources. The shrimps, lobsters and prawns are just some of the treats you can enjoy. Along with them, there are grouper, red snapper and mahi-mahi – all of which are mostly sought after.

A staple of salt cod can make a delicious soups. Due to the remote area, there are not many livestocks in the island. The mostly used meat are poultry and pork, and occasionally, mutton. The beef meat has to be imported and goat is the common meat to serve various meals.

The agricultural background is very limited in the island. they have to import almost all of the production due to infertile soil. However, there are some products that vastly grown in Anguilla from Citrus to tomatoes. Rice has to be imported whilst potatoes can be home grown.

Most of Anguilla people speak different languages from Spanish to Chinese. Some immigrants use their local languages including French and English. However, the British influenced island speaks English as the main root of them came from the west American with unique dialect.

Many linguists study on Anguilla language subject. The African has a huge influence in the dialect that these Anguilla people use. The immigrants brought the language slang and combine it with European language – making it a unique dialect of Anguillan.

The presence of Europeans have made a huge influence on Christianity to the Anguillian. There are churches established in the island along with Rastafarian religion. The beliefs also promoted literacy in the area as missionaries came to spread the religion.

Anguilla Island VP2EAQ VP2EAR Tourist attractions

Things to do in Anguilla

There are lots of things to do in Anguilla. You will never feel boredom in this place. The warm of hospitality and sandy beaches make Anguilla one of the mostly sought tourism attractions. The area has been lavishly decorated by luxury accommodation, bars and lounges and top notch local cuisines that are mouthwatering too. The destination is always crowdy all year and there are plenty of things to do in Anguilla.

  • Gastronomic trail

Culinary is the best way to experience Anguilla. Lies on the coastline, there are plenty of seafood sources that you can try with the freshest ingredients come directly from the sea.

  • The beaches

Anguilla hosts the best beaches in the world. The virgin seas are crystal clear and blue. The sparkling sunset with a peaceful view are among many things you can enjoy in the island.

  • Cultural heritage

Apart from its modernity, you can still witness the culture and the island’s heritage filled with historical values. Art galleries and Caribbean soca are also a part of the pieces of culture you can enjoy seeing and listening to. For discerning travellers, Anguilla compromises all aspects of entertainment.

  • Nightlife

Some of the best resorts in Anguilla promise a never ending party from their clubs. There are many international DJs performing frequently in the hippest venues in Anguilla.

Video Anguilla

VP2EAQ VP2EAR. Where is Anguilla Island located. Map.

VP2EAQ VP2EAR Anguilla Island. Sunrise 07-21-2024 at 09:45 GMT sunset at 22:51 GMT
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