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VP2ERJ Anguilla Island

Kei, KG2A/JJ1RJR will be active from Anguilla Island 22 - 30 November 2014 as VP2ERJ.
He will parcipicate in CQ WW DX CW Contest 29 - 30 November 2014.
QSL via KG2A direct.

Anguilla Island

Anguilla Island is characterized with some of the best sandy beaches in the world. Also , it possesses lots of pristine waters as well as lots of laid-back friendly population. You can swim or sun-bathe all day long, while the calypso rhythm blasts into the airwaves at the Rendezvous bay. Anguilla Island is a welcoming Island destination that remains a treasure in the Northern region of the Caribbean Islands, it provides both high class and low key elegance with lots of breathtaking features to behold. The perfect weather , coupled with endless summer seasons are quite inviting.

Anguilla Island was colonized by Great Britain from the late 16th centuries to the early 19thcentury, however the revolt in 1971 lead to the secession of the Island and it became a separate dependent country in 1980. The Island has quite a number of natural resources however its main source of income is Tourism. Other commercial sources of income for Anguilla Island are; Fish processing, and Offshore banking. The growth of the construction sector of the economy over the years has also contributed to the development of the country. Anguilla Island lies in the Eastern part of Puerto rico, and directly in the North of Saint Martin.

Anguilla Island VP2ERJ DX News

Geographical Information of Anguilla Island

Most parts of Anguilla Island are flat and the entire region is on low lands. The Island lies some 35 sq. miles , while its highest point is the Crocus hill that reaches 65 meters high. There are several caves scattered around the Island and this can be attributed to its huge deposit of limestone, some of the most significant caves on the Island are the Big springs and The Fountain, located on the Island Harbour and Shoal bay respectively. There are quite a huge presence of coral reefs on the Island , and these provide great habitat for the tropical marine lives there.

Forest vegetation is widely supported by the Tropical climatic conditions on the Island, and aside the main Island, there are quite a number of other small Island and most of these remain un-inhabited. Other adjoining Islands are; Sandy Island, Dog Island, Prickly pear Island, Scrub Island, Seal Island, and Sombrero Island. The temperature of the Island is relatively cool and dry , and this is brought about by the North-eastern trade winds. December to February months are the coolest months in Anguilla Island while the months of July to October are the warmest. Anguilla has an average annual rainfall of about 35 inches, while sudden tropical storms and hurricanes are also regular features around here.

The people and culture

Anguilla Island has a total population of about 13,600 as at 2011, this population has continued to fluctuate over the years . The capital of Anguilla Island is known as “ The valley”. Even though the British government system is still being practiced on the Island, more than 90% of its population are from West Africa, 3.7% from Europe, while 4.6% are multi-racial. Many people who make up the population of Anguilla Island today are citizens of United States, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, and Jamaica. The influx of Chinese, Mexican and Indian workers in the year 2007 also resulted in a sharp increase in the overall population of the Island.

Anguilla Island VP2ERJ

Getting in Anguilla Island

Anguilla is strategically located , therefore it can be easily accessed by air. The Clayton. J Lloyd International Airport connects other Caribbean Islands to Anguilla Island, and there are several other local charter airlines available. There are direct scheduled flights from Europe and America on daily basis, with Cape Air and Tradewind Aviation offering scheduled air flights to and from other Caribbean Islands like Puerto rico, and San Juan.

By road

There are no public transport on Anguilla Island, however there are taxis and all cars drive on the left.

Anguilla Island VP2ERJ Tourist attractions

By boat

Anguilla Island can be accessed from several other Islands by boats. There are Ferries available to transport passengers from Saint Martin Island at 7am everyday, likewise St Maarten can also be accessed by boat.

Prominent activities on Anguilla Island

Anguilla has lots of sight-seeing and fascinating activities to enjoy in its entire regions , these include the following;

•Sailing and Snorkeling at Prickly Pear- Most people enjoy the sea water activities in Anguilla Island and these include sailing and Snorkeling . You can sail to neighbouring Islands of Saint Martin inside the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. The while sailing , you can enjoy the unlimited drinks on board, while you enjoy the sunset views.

• Enjoy a day trip to the Island of Prickly pear- You should not end your adventure in Anguilla Island without visiting the un-spoilt and sunny Island of Prickly pear, which is one of the Island that make up the Anguilla Island. You can register for the tour that departs Simpson bay or Pelican marina and enjoy several hours of adventure on the Prickly bear with lots of unlimited drinks and foods.

Famous dishes

Sea foods

Anguilla Island is famous for sea foods, therefore you can find common sea foods such as Pawns, mahi-mahi, Conch, Spiny lobster, shrimp and pawns .

The Callalloo

Callolloo is a popular stew in the Anguilla Island, made from green beans, alongside green leafy vegetables such as the Amaranth. Water Spinash is also used in the making of this famous stew and it is a delight to taste. Okra, coconut milk and lobster are part of the Callalloo dish recipe.

The Bisque

The Bisque is a creamy and seasoned soup in Anguilla island, it is made from strained broth, with lots of crustaceans such as lobsters, shrimp , crayfish and lobster. The Bisque soup is made from pureed fruits that has been roasted , while the crustaceans are normally cooked twice. The soup is seasoned to make it tasty. After seasoning, cream can be added unto the Bisque and the soup can be consumed with meat , bread or any other confectionery.

Anguilla Island is rich ins culture, food and lots of water activities, likewise there are lots of local and International restaurants scattered all across the Island.

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