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VP2VGG VP2V/W6RWC VP2V/K6TOP Anegada Island

W6RWC and K6TOP will be active from Anegada Island in ARRL 10m DX Contest 13- 14 December 2014 as VP2VGG.
Before the contest they will operate as VP2V/W6RWC SSB VP2V/K6TOP CW.
QSL info:
VP2VGG, VP2V/W6RWC via W6RWC direct, LOTW, eQSL.

Anegada island – the virgin island

Anegada is part of the British Virgin Islands. It is part of the Virgin archipelago with 15 miles stretches to north of Gorda. The only place with population- Anegada is a flat and low land situated among the mountainous areas. It has a high point of 8.5 m above the sea level. The name Anogada is a French word of drowned.

Importance of tourism for Anegada

The tourism is a striving business in Anegada. The typical vacation day on the beach is packed with tourists. Tourists are coming in increasing number on island each day and it has become an important business for local economy. The population near the beach works as fishermen, catching fresh lobsters and fish. The shore flats have bonefish population and Anegada has become one of the habitat for fly fish. To access Anegada, one needs to transfer from Auguste George Airport. It is a small port with ferries operating 3 times a week. There is also a possibility of renting a private boat and catch a return flight from Gorda to Anegada.

The sandy beach on Anegada is 18 miles long and has impressive coral reefs that are the largest in Caribbean, in fact, on earth. It is quite difficult to navigate to Anegada due to these magnificent reefs. Sailing to Anegada is completely forbidden as many of inexperienced sailors run on the reef and cause shipwrecks. The effort to protect the reef makes scuba diving an illegal activity.

There are salt ponds in the island, particularly on the west side. The ponds are home to flora and fauna such as flamingos. However, the existence of flamingo is no so evident there, since many were hunted for food. Rare birds become a common view that tourists love to watch and they are the attractions that keep making them come back. There are also endangered species of Rock Iguana and turtles. The deep water of North Drop on the island makes fishes grow rapidly. The place is a fertile ground. The animals commonly found are donkeys, goats, cattle and more. There was a national disaster in 2010: the Hurricane Earl visited Anegada and left disastrous damages around the island. There were floods in the city and many trees were down.

The Christmas Tree erected in 2007 stood 35 feet high and was the highest in the Virgin Islands. The Canadian fellow donated the tree to represent hopes with the light ceremony. This was the beginning of a tradition, making the Christmas Party a regular event on the island every December.

Anegada Island VP2VGG

Tourism activites at the Drowned Land

  • Snorkelling and scuba diving

Divers around the world will be delighted to discover the clear water with their own hands as they get into the sea. The reefs are amazing, with tunnels and drops providing a perfect view into a magical underwater world. There are fish species ranging from stingrays, parrot fish, needle fish and other various rare water species that you won’t find anywhere else. You can explore the area snorkelling or do some sport fishing. There are wreckages of galleons and warships that you can observe and discover more of the long gone history.

  • Festivals

Anegada holds number of fests each year. From sailing to kite boarding; you can be part of the windsurfing activity or simply enjoy the beautiful scenery on colourful beach. Tommy Gaunt Kite surfing is the best place to experience the activity or take a lesson about it.

  • Beaches

Anegada owns some of the best beaches in the universe. Cow Wreck Beach is one of them. it is a private resort with private beach that you can explore. Loblolly beach is situated at the north of the Anegada shore. It is a beautiful scuba diving spot. There is also a dining spot where you can have a romantic dinner of Anegada finest lobsters.

  • Horseshoe reef

As one of the largest reef in the world, you might want to witness the shipwrecks and make the diving as part of your dream come true. You can come here alone or with an arranged tour. Many visitors keep a list of where to go in the island. and Horseshoe reef has always been one of them.

  • Marie L

The shipwreck gives a breath-taking scenery. It is 90 feet below the surface and the visibility is quite good due to the clear water. There are little sharks swimming around as you turn to the corners.

  • Flamingo Pond

Witness hundreds of Flamingo walking gracefully at the pond. This is the time to take great pictures with a breathtaking panorama behind as your background.

  • Eat lobsters

Famous for the lobsters, Anegada restaurants serve the best in town. You can find it in almost any seafood tenants. The fresh from the sea lobsters have that kind of delicacies you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Bones Right

As home to Rock Iguanas, Anegada make a conservation for this lizard population. This is their natural home, run by the National Parks Trusts. The native animal is almost extinct.

Anegada Island VP2VGG DX News

  • Museum tours

If you love museums, Anegada has some for you. There is History Museum that gives much info about settlements that you can read and witness in the town. The presence of Arawaks can also be seen at the east end of the island. More than 200 ship wrecks, balls and cannons were abandoned during the war. And now they are here to give you a glimpse of the war life. You can also book for private tour museums and discover many other histories of Anegada.

Anegada Island VP2VGG Tourist attractions

  • Bone fishing

As one of the most popular activity, bone fishing sport is an exciting part of the island. Ask your local guide to take you to them and enjoy the sport while you are there. It does not matter if you are a novice or expert fishermen. The spectacular activity must not be missed if you are a fan of fishing. Let the fishes bite!

Video Anegada Island

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