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News from the Intrepid DX Group VP8STI/VP8SGI Team 21 December 2015

VP8STI VP8SGI News 21 December 2015

In just two short weeks, members of the VP8STI/VP8SGI team will be meeting the Braveheart in Stanley, the Falkland Islands. All of our plans are going very well. We have raised 73% of the funds needed to complete our Dxpedition. We are very grateful for all Foundation, Club and Individual support.

We have updated our QSL page and OQRS will be live as soon as we complete each activation. We will make every effort to upload our logs to Clublog each day. We expect to have challenges in doing so as at 59 degrees South, Southern Thule Island is outside of the Inmarsat BGAN coverage footprint.

The team is very focused and committed to satisfying the need for contacts with South Sandwich and South Georgia. We ask that everyone follow the DX Code of Conduct. We will not work stations that are calling out of turn. We will be in communications with our Chief Pilot each day and we ask you to work with our team of Regional Pilot stations to help us meet the demand for contacts.

We are very excited to be activating the #3 and #8 most wanted DXCC entities on a combined trip. Adding South Georgia on to our itinerary cost us an extra $120,000. If you have not already donated, won’t you please consider a donation? For our US donors, your end of year donations are tax deductible to the Intrepid-DX Group as we are a 501.C.3.

Please watch for updates and announcements in The Daily DX, DX-World, DX Coffee and

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Paul N6PSE

Co-Leader, VP8 Team

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