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VP9/K2HVN Bermuda

Bill, K2HVN will be active from Bermuda (IOTA NA-005) 3-10 November 2014 as VP9/K2HVN.
He will operate on freqs 14040, 10115, 18085 CW and 14260, 18128 SSB.
QSL via home call.

Bermuda the pride of Atlantic Ocean

Bermuda is also noted as Somers Isles and is one of the overseas territories of Britain in the Northern Atlantic Ocean and it is situated towards the eastern coast of US. A sea captain from Spain is believed to be the first person from Europe to discover this area in the year 1503 his name is believed to be Juan de Bermudez. He visited this group of islands twice, but never landed upon the islets as he didn’t wanted to take any kind of risks as threatening reefs were surrounding the region. It is said that various parties from Spain and Europe visited this island and released pigs and they were present in abundance by the rime Europeans started to settle here. In year 1609 Virginia Company from England initiated a settlement here this happened after a hurricane.

Geographical aspects

This group is made by higher points upon rim of Caldera of one of the volcanoes forming seamount. It is believed that volcano is actually a component of range, which was actually made as a continuation of the similar procedure, which resulted into the formation Atlantic’s floor. The top has always witnessed periods of complete submergence and during this a cap of limestone was made by the marine life also during ice age full cavity was above level of sea making an island.

The length of coastline is 103 kilometers and two municipalities found inside this region are being mentioned below

  • City of Hamilton
  • Town of St George

The terrain has the inclusion of 181 islets and total area is 53.3 km2. . Largest of all islands is Main Island that is also notified as Main Island. It is very difficult to gather a list of islets as many of these are known by more than one name.

Bermuda VP9/K2HVN

Climatic conditions

As described by the experts Bermuda is noted for having humid subtropical climatic conditions upon margin of tropical climatic conditions. Nearby Gulf Stream brings warmth, the climatic conditions are humid and as a consequence the heat index is higher, but in mid of August the temperature seldom increases than 30 degree centigrade. Winds are present in abundance during winters and mean temperature during month of January to February is approximately 20 degree centigrade. Here it should be highlighted that colder fronts bring with them air masses of Arctic and this leads to drop in temperature. In addition to this, Atlantic storms of winter related with colder fronts are capable of producing winds along with heavier rainfalls. The lowest recorded temperature in this region is 6.7 degree centigrade. It should be noted that Bermuda lies inside Hurricane belt so it is exposed to Hurricanes, but they are weaken as they reach the island. If we consider source of freshwater in this region, then it is only rainfall, which is collected by the natives living here. Mean temperature of the ocean surrounding Bermuda is 22.8 degree centigrade.

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Demographic details

The information, which been presented by reliable sources indicates towards the point that total population of this region was 64,273 in accordance with survey, which was carried out in year 2010. When we consider the ethnic makeup of this region below mentioned information comes into focus

  • Blacks 54 percent
  • Whites 31 percent
  • Multiracial 4 percent
  • Asian 4 percent
  • Others 4 percent

67 percent of the population consists of local Bermudians. Interesting point to mention here is that a good number of individuals having Portuguese ancestry are also there and this has happened because of the fact that strong immigration from islands of Portuguese has taken place during the past century.

Considering the present situation today thousands of migrants belonging to Canada, Britain and West Indies are found in Bermuda and generally they are associated with insurance, accounting and finances. In addition to this, some are also associated with restaurants, construction, trade, hotels also landscaping. You are going to witness a good harmony and mutual cooperation among natives of this region as people live peacefully without major issues or clashes.

Bermuda VP9/K2HVN Tourist attractions

Cultural aspects

The culture appears as a mixture because great variety of population lives here. English is used as the basic and official language here and majority of natives use it for communication related reasons. However, because of the fact that a great number of Portuguese immigrants live here Portuguese is also spoken here. It will not at all be wrong to mention here that stronger influences of British are associated with this region. The cultural values of Bermuda can be taken as representatives of African as well as European descent. Historically stronger links of Bermuda with US are present. Similarly stronger North American influence is also seen. People belonging to this region appear as more conservative than people who are residing inside United Kingdom and they are very much considerate when matters are related with manners and protocol. They give significant value to manners and give a great consideration to ceremony and pomp. Natives show great attraction towards music and Gombey is a prominent and much appreciated form of local dancing and music. This has the inclusion of parts of missionaries of Christians. Popular dances are performed commonly upon New Year, Bermuda day and Boxing Day. Locals show great liking towards this and celebrate every event with enthusiasm and zeal.

Economical aspects

In the year 1970 switching of currency from Bermudian pound to Bermudian Dollar in similarity to Hong Kong. The notes of United States as well as coins are utilized and can be interchanged with coins and notes of Bermuda inside island for practical reasons. Image of Queen Elizabeth are present upon the notes. Affording houses is main issue during year 2005, but now situation is getting better and turning towards a lighter side.

People living in this part of world are hard working with dedication aiming to bring prosperity and peace towards their region. In short, it should be highlighted here that Bermuda is one of the most wonderful places of this world and is visited by many from across the globe.

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