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VP2EIM VP2EWX Anguilla Island

Masa, JN3JFQ and Aki, JK1PIU/AF6WX will be active from Anguilla Island 23-30 November 2014 as VP2EIM and VP2EWX.
They will operate on 80-10m CW, SSB, RTTY.
QSL info
VP2EIM via JA1HGY direct, OQRS, LOTW.

Anguilla Island some interesting points and facts

Counted in one of the most prominent overseas territory of Britain, Anguilla stands prominently in Caribbean. It is situated in the northern side of Leeward Islands situated towards eastern side of the Puerto Rico. The land is noted for containing main islet of Anguilla and experts have suggested that it is 26 kilometer longer and 5 kilometer wider at the widest point in addition to this a good number of smaller islets along with cays are present here and you no population on permanent basis is there. The Valley enjoys the status of being capital and has a strong significance and value being the center of many important economic activities. Important point, which is worth mentioning related with Anguilla, is that it holds the status of being one of the tax heavens. Term Anuguilla has been derived from eel and it comes from a number of Latin languages. It is believed by many that this land has been named in this manner because of the fact that its shape is similar to eel.

Geographical aspects

As mentioned above Anguilla is one of those islets that are present in Leeward Islands and it is stationed between Caribbean Sea towards west and towards east Atlantic Ocean can be seen. It should be noted that no prominent elevations are associated with this island and topography acts as a representation of beaches, lower bluffs of limestone and dunes. The main attraction of this island is Crocus Hills as it is noted as the highest point present inside Anguilla. It is noted for having an elevation of 213 feet and hill is situated in the capital of town named as The Valley. Many bays are included in this region and they are responsible for attracting a good number of visitors towards their beauty and charm. Coasts along with attractive beaches are responsible for providing a strong boost to economy, which is strongly based upon tourism. The most interesting aspect is that warmer climatic conditions present at beaches ensure that they are visited by people throughout the year. Soil of Anuguilla is considered thinner and is capable of providing support to forest vegetations. The most noted aspect related with this part of world is amazing beaches and coral reefs depict a high level of ecological significance. The main island has many interesting and attractive features, which further highlight the importance and presence of this region.

Anguilla VP2EIM VP2EWX DX News

Climatic Conditions

The main island is noted for having tropical wet and drier climatic conditions and fall under Koppen climatic classifications. Town is noted for having drier climatic conditions, which are moderated by northeastern trade winds smaller variations in temperature are noted. Average maximum temperature noted is 27 degree centigrade during month of December and it can go to 30 degree centigrade during July. No definite predictions related with rainfall can be made and mean noted annual rainfall is approximately 900 millimeter. October and September are counted in wettest months of the year also March and February is classified as driest months. Here, it should be mentioned that main island is exposed towards hurricanes from June-November. In year 1995 Island faced a lot of damage that was brought by Hurricane Luis.

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Economical aspects

The soil of Anguilla is not considered very well for agriculture, but some natural resources are present here. Prominent income generators are tourism, offshore banking, fishing and captive insurance. Here, it should be mentioned that prior to the economic crisis of 2008 Anguilla’s economy was facing a rapid and prominent extension and great prosperity was being reflected from tourism department. Official currency is East Caribbean dollar, but acceptance is also given to US dollar.

The financial setup of this region consists of seven banks and associated structures. System is being managed in an efficient manner and with passage of time new and improved technological aids are being used for bringing betterment in the entire setup. The main focus of this region is to obtain fifteen percent of energy supplies from the solar power setups because of this reason it has lesser dependency upon imported diesel and associated products.

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Demographic detail

Blacks are found in great numbers here and they are considered as heirs of African slaves in addition to blacks, whites and mixed races can also be found here. You are also going to find people belonging to US, UK, Nigeria and Jamaica here. The island was introduced to a greater influx of Indian and Chinese during 2006 to 2007 as they were attracted towards job opportunities because local population didn’t had the potential of dealing with increasing requirements of labors.

Language and religion

To be honest Anguilla’s population uses English which has been greatly influenced by Britain. Other prominent languages used in this region are different forms of Chinese and Spanish that have been introduced by immigrants. However, if it is about mentioning standard language of the region, which is popularly used after English is the lexifier Creole, which is unique to this island. The roots of this language can be found in earlier varieties of Western African and English. People prefer to live simple lives and use languages, which can be best understood by majority.
Coming towards religious beliefs of people it should be noted that Christianity holds the status of being prominent religion. However, followers of other religions such as Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Presbyterian, and Evangelical etc are also found here. People live with harmony and peace and everyone has the liberty of following religion of his or her choice there are no religious compulsions and obligations.

Sports and other activities

Boat racing is a sport towards, which locals show a great attraction. It is regarded as a natural sport and various competitions are organized from time to time. Cricket is also very famous and locals love to play it.

In the end it should be highlighted that locals are simple and friendly people who work with dedication and commitment. This island is a wonderful spot for spending vacations and there is so much to see in this beautiful part of world.

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