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XF2L Isla de Sacrificios

XE1SPM, XE1SGW, XE1SOV will be active from Isla de Sacrificios, IOTA NA - 224, 17 - 19 February 2017 as XF2L.
They will operate on 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6m SSB, CW, PSK31, RTTY.
QSL request via PayPal account or via QSL manager XE1SOV direct no IRC.
Ads for direct QSL:
RICARDO R. OROZCO CAMPOS, Plazuela del Refugio 1429, Las Plazas de Amalucan Puebla Pue. 72310, Mexico.
SAE with 3 USD for the US and 4 USD for the rest of the world.

Isla de Sacrificios XF2L IOTA Isla de Sacrificios. Author - Daniella Mendoza.

Isla de Sacrificios XF2L DX News IOTAIsla de Sacrificios. Author - Eli Ortega.

XF2L. Where is Isla de Sacrficios is located. Map.

XF2L Isla de Sacrificios. Sunrise 12-11-2023 at 12:46 GMT sunset at 23:48 GMT
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