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ZD7Z Saint Helena Island

Elvira Simoncini, IV3FSG will be active as ZD7Z from Jamestown, Saint Helena Island, IOTA AF - 022, 16 January - 4 February 2024.
She will operate on 160 - 6m, SSB, CW, RTTY, FT8, FT4.
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The island of St. Helena

Who is she, St. Helena?

Tsarina Elena of Constantinople is known, as the ascetic of belief in Christ.

One of her merits was education of the son, the future emperor Constantine Great, in spirit of Christianity though in those times all young men from noble families despised any values of Christianity and were brought up in pagan spirit. Subsequently Constantine made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire.

Also to its acts include excavations in Jerusalem thanks to what the Tomb of the Lord was restored and the Cross of the Lord was erected. Today these are the main shrines of Christians.

By some churches Elena is numbered among the saints. Near icons with her image it is customary to pray for the spiritual upbringing of children.

ZD7Z Saint Helena IslandSaint Helena Island. Author - Valerie Hukalo.

An island found. By whom, where and when?

According to historical documents, on May 21, 1502, the Portuguese in the Atlantic Ocean discovered an uninhabited island and was named St. Helena. It is believed that the discoverer was the navigator Zhao da Nova, heading home by ship from India.

There is another opinion: the island was discovered by a squadron under the command of Eshtewan da Gama, son of the great navigator of the era of the greatest geographical discoveries of Vasco da Gama.

But these are assumptions. The main thing is that the island was discovered.

Sailors descended on a deserted shore with unique flora, fauna and fresh water. They left sick sailors there so that after recovery they could return home by the next ship.

The Portuguese kept the location of the island a secret for a long time, using it as a staging post on the way from Asia to Europe. It was convenient, because during the rounding of Cape Hope southeast wind, year-round blowing in the southern hemisphere, still turned the ships towards the island. But there were no permanent settlements there.

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Robinson of St. Helena

The first inhabitant of the island to settle there permanently was a sailor named Fernao Lopez, who was badly mutilated either by the Governor of Goa or by his compatriots for treachery. Either way, someone had cut off his nose and ears. Lopez did not want to return to Portugal in such a gruesome form and decided to live in exile.

For a long time, ships passing by the island stocked up on fresh water, fruits and vegetables from him.

The hermit lived on the island for about 35 years and died there.

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The island becomes inhabited

Since the middle of the XVI century, people start to come to the island: a few slaves with two girls run away from the ship and hide on the island (as a consequence - 15 new, born already on St. Helena, the inhabitants), then Japanese ambassadors come by. Later - travelers and sailors from England.

By 1600 about 70 people already lived on St. Helena, but, unfortunately, almost all of them were drunkards and lazy. Beautiful, with pristine nature, the island had become a dwelling place for the dregs of society. The relict forests and the animals living in them disappeared during the first fifty years of human habitation on the island.

The island is getting an owner

Since the discovery of the island's location, there have been periods of devastation and military invasions. And whoever claimed it for themselves!

The moment when the island was officially recognized as an English colony is considered to be 1659. At that time, a few houses and a fort - St. John's Fort - were built there.

What was Napoleon doing on the island?

In 1815, the French commander Napoleon was transported to St. Helena, for whom the small island of 122 square kilometers was designated as a place of exile. For the commander, who was constantly trying to expand the borders of his already gigantic empire, the island became a cramped cell.

The dictator in exile was guarded by a regiment of soldiers of the British army. There were frigates on duty around the island. The cost of keeping the famous prisoner was borne by Great Britain.

The census of 1817 showed that there were 820 soldiers, 619 Chinese mercenaries, 500 black and 821 white inhabitants and about one and a half thousand slaves on the island.

Napoleon died in 1821. After his death, thousands of temporary residents left the island.

The cemetery where Napoleon is buried is currently the property of France.

Modern life on the island

According to the 2008 census, the population of the island is 4255.

Little Jamestown, where because of the small number the houses do not even have numbers but only names, is the port and capital of the island, which belongs to the United Kingdom.

Because of the rockfalls that are becoming more frequent on the island, the cliffs above Jamestown's dock are constantly being reinforced.

Until the 1960s, the islanders cultivated only flax. Now the island produces the world's most expensive coffee.

In addition, the islanders make their own vodka from cactus pulp with the mysterious name "Tungi Spirit".

Due to very rare ship voyages, tourism is practically not developed and hotels on the island are usually inhabited by about 10%.

Although the economy on the island leaves much to be desired, there is low unemployment. Young people leave St. Helena in search of a better life, freeing up jobs for new recruits. About 20% of the population are retirees who are over 60 years old.

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