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ZD8M ZD8W ZD8X Ascension Island

G0CKV, W6NV, OH2KI will be active from Ascension Island in November 2013 as ZD8M, ZD8W, ZD8X.
They will be operate on HF Bands and 6m.
They will be active also in CQ WW DX CW Contest in SOSB Cagegories:
ZD8M in SOSB 40m.
ZD8W SOSB 15m.
ZD8X SOSB 10m.
QSL information:
ZD8M via G0CKV.
ZD8W via W6NV.
ZD8X via OH2KI.

Ascension Island ZD8X QSL

Ascension Island ZD8W QSL

Ascension Island ZD8M ZD8W ZD8X

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