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3Y0I Bouvet Island

3Y0I Team will be active from Bouvet Island, IOTA AN - 002.
They will operate on all HF Bands.
Recent DX Spots 3Y0I
QSL via 3Z9DX, OQRS (preferred), LOTW.
More information will be available soon.
Owner of 3Y0I call sign is Dom, 3Z9DX.
DXCC Country - Bouvet Island 3Y.
WAZ Zone - CQ 38.
ITU Zone - 67.
QTH Locator - JD15rn.
Continent - Antarctica.

3Y0I Band Plan



160m 1822 – 1840

80m 3502 3785 3567

40m 7002 7090 7056

30m 10106 – 10131

20m 14002 14190 14090

17m 18072 18140 18095

15m 21002 21200 21091

12m 24892 24940 24911

10m 28002 28440 28091

6m 50105 50140

3Y0I News 20 February 2019


3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Atlantic Tuna

For those tracking our vessel; sometime in the next 10 days you will be tracking the two to three day sea trial of our ship the “Atlantic Tuna” (formerly BYR). The SAMSA surveys are in their final stages, and after a complete refit of the Atlantic Tuna we’re now at the stage of proving the vessels sea worthiness. Remember, this is a sea trial so when you see the Atlantic Tuna leave the Cape Town harbor don’t jump to the conclusion we’re on our way to Bouvet just yet. IF the sea trial goes as expected, we will announce our departure date on and, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages.

You may track the Atlantic Tuna from our page:

3Y0I News 25 January 2019

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Advice

Taken from emails received (took awhile to extrapolate the data):

We’ve received quite a few emails wanting to know who the 3Y0I saboteurs are. Here is our reply:

We know exactly who they are, and letting folks hear the recorded conversations, showing the emails to the Captain, our server records, providing snapshots of saboteurs posts, emails and comments, and even records of spoofed IP’s right from the company doing the spoofing (pays to have friends in low places) will all come in due time after the DXpedition.

When are you planning on landing on Bouvet Island?

We will make an announcement when our ship leaves South Africa. At that point, you will have 7 to 10 days of notice as that is what we anticipate travel time to Bouvet will be.

What is the reason for delay?

We have made it perfectly clear in past posts that our ship has gone through a complete refit at a cost North of $1,000,000.00 USD. Our cargo (4,200 lbs) is loaded, fuel tanks filled/paid. When the South African authorities (SAMSA) finish reclassifying and certifying our vessel, there will be a dry run, then we are off. Available manpower (especially through the holidays) delayed our project, but we will still go when the ship is ready. If the ship is ready in January, February, June, September – it doesn’t matter – we go. We also had a rebuilt secondary generator fail.

Are you associated in any way with the previous Bouvet operation?

As far as we can tell, there’s been no recent “previous” operations from Bouvet. But you are welcome to cut in front of us if you’d like. Us Rebels believe in, “the more the merrier” is a good thing for the Ham Radio Community. Why only one DXpedition?

Why aren’t you allowing news publications to “copy and paste” your updates, but you allow to do that?

Because supports our project. Not only have they supported our project financially, their editor has volunteered his time as a DXpedition Pilot. No other news publication made a single dollar donation. ZERO. They charge Hams yearly, “subscription fees” and they charge their advertisers, “advertiser fees”, yet they don’t pay a penny for their news from sources? We have a policy those types of news sources can follow posted on every page of our Site in the lower right hand corner – Our Copyright Policy.

It appears you guys have a serious chip on your shoulder, why is this?

We would much rather sit back in your comfy, warm shack and wait for you to go to Bouvet, but you are not going. Worry more about your attitude, not ours.

Where is your QSL Policy posted?

We have not announced our QSL Policy yet. We will publish it when we return from Bouvet.

I read somewhere you did not receive any money from any DX Foundations. Is this true?

100% true. Not a penny.

Are you planning on running RTTY?

No. Our Band Plan” is posted at:

“reply” email: Why aren’t you planning to operate RTTY?

Like we previously stated, we have no plans to operate RTTY, or 2 Meters, or 70 cm, or moon bounce, or AM. If you’d like to donate $1,000,000.00 USD then we will charter the Enigma XK for a month and half and we’ll do whatever you want, and we’ll do it next week. She’s a beautiful vessel, and she’s right next door. You’ll be the first person we work on RTTY! With your donation we could also hire the S.A. Agulhas I for $25,000 USD a day if that fits your budget better.

Are you keeping a “blacklist”?

Never heard of it. What is a “blacklist”?

I don’t understand how your 3Y0I team of eight has been in South Africa since November.

They haven’t been. Everybody came to Cape Town for wet water, zodiac, fire and other “specific to our mission” training, then a few returned home for Christmas and New Year’s. They patiently wait for the call to return when the boat is ready. We have families and commitments. We are no different than anyone else.

I saw in one of your pictures that you have a non-Ham on the 3Y0I team. May I ask why? What benefit is that to you or the Ham Community?

Sure you may ask. He is our full time team bird watcher. He has very soft hands and we are trying to teach him the ways of the Antarctic sea. Did you know all mercenaries have soft hands? Quit while you’re ahead. You can’t handle the truth.

What is your QSO goal? 100,000, 150,000 QSO’s?

Don’t whine and cry if we tell you we’ve been thinking of running a Elecraft KX2 at 12 watts into a frozen G5RV up 6 feet for the QRP Fella’s. Let’s hope we can make a few QSO’s with the “deserving”.

I am planning on going on vacation with my wife. Can you give me the window of expected dates so I can plan our vacation accordingly? I promise I won’t tell anybody.


You have stated in several places the “Rebel Way”. Why do you choose this?

How many times do we see DXpeditions run budgets of 300, 500, even 800 THOUSAND dollars? Really? Rebel Way offers much lower cost T31, TI9 Cocos, P5, and now Bouvet. Our Rebel Mission Statement: “To activate rare and semi-rare DX locations with quality Ham Radio Operators from around the world.” You don’t have to agree with our Rebel Way, but we bring rare DX you may need, so either lend some support, or do not disturb. Lighten up, relax, work DX.

–·- ··· –

A final word from the author. You folks need to understand a few things. We have never published dates. Our situation is a “dynamic project”. We don’t tell you everything because there’s some folks trying to harm this project. The more we let out, the harder they seem to come. After we named our vessel, who in their right minds would send the Captain of our ship derogatory emails? Emails stating we weren’t going to pay the bill? Obviously they didn’t know the ship was under contract and already paid for, but still they try. Even a local ZS starting shit about the ship being “arrested” for us not paying harbor fees. Smart guy doesn’t understand how the harbor authority works and sends a final invoice to the ship owner and the ship owner pays it. Not our bill. Fake news.

In closing, our last little piece of advice that we’ve said all along, but we don’t think registered in some of the smaller coconuts – we’ll go when we’re ready to go. Either support the Rebels and our project, or stay away. Far, far away.

3Y0I News 11 January 2019
Bouvet Weather

Of course pushing back against constant fake news gets a little tiring, but this is the way it is these days. Do not listen to all the “expert” Ham Radio weathermen, they are lost at sea. Here is a self explanatory and easy to read chart of monthly averages of highs, lows and precipitation on Bouvet Island.

When you hear the fake news say the weather window has closed, well now you have the facts.

Bouvet Island Weather


3Y0I News 2 January 2019 Meet The Atlantic Tuna

First of all – Happy New Year 2019 to all DXers! We rush to share a portion of fresh news from Cape Town.

The Seasons holidays season is over in South Africa, and that gives us hope things start to accelerate in terms of our ship preparations. We now can unveil the name of the vessel taking us to Bouvet Island. Meet “Atlantic Tuna”

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Atlantic Tuna

The ship is really tough one as it has been built in Iceland and used to sail across the Northern Sea in the worst possible sailing conditions, Its crew has got a hell of such experience.

Currently, the ship is being refurbished from its very bottom to its top, meaning not only reconditioning of its hull but also any of the equipment installed onboard. All navigation, communication and engine systems are brand new, meeting the most demanding technical and safety requirements.

Getting the ship ready is a time and money consuming process that requires a lot of patience and flexibility from us. The vessel needed to go through of all very strict survey by (SAMSA) procedures

to be allowed to leave the shipyard + each and every crew member (including the 3Y0I team) had to get first aid and fire-fighting training international certificates.

There still are some technical obstacles keeping the “Atlantic Tuna” in the shipyard. Extensive South-African bureaucracy doesn’t help at all. We’re aware we start to face a situation the most suitable and safe weather permitting season to reach Bouvet Island is about to slip away. Nevertheless, we’re in South Africa since the last days of October, trying so hard, sacrificing our family time, jobs, money and other resources to make it all happen for you, DXers.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

3Y0I News 26 December 2018

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Membership

Two new Honorary Members. For all their 3Y0I Rebel Team assistance in preparations in Cape Town.
Thank you V51B and ZS1AN!

Merry Christmas from the 3Y0I Rebel Team!

Everything has been shut down here on the Western Cape of South Africa for Christmas and the New Year’s Holidays. Stores, offices, warehouses and the shipyard are closed until early January. So in the meantime we will also enjoy the Season Holiday’s too. But in a Ham Radio way! The 3Y0I Rebel Team is spending our holidays in the cargo hold of our ship pre-assembling some of our gear. One advantage of doing this inside the ship is that we’ve got natural air conditioning here – sea waters cool the vessel nice and easy, and we’re also protected from the fierce subtropical sun. In Stan’s (SP8S) pictures we are pre-assembling our multiband verticals. Tomorrow we’ll assemble the Kohjinsha beams.

Better to prepare now, because once landed, there will be no time or mercy for mistakes!

3Y0I Bouvet Island Merry Christmas

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Merry Christmas Image 2

Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition News 20 December 2018

We’ve just completed our 50-day long training and preparation period prior to our DXpedition to Amateur Radio’s “Mount Everest”; 3Y0I from Bouvet Island.

No wonder South Africa became our “little homeland”. Fine weather, exceptional hospitality from the locals and especially the warm welcome offered by local Hams resulted in good vibes across our entire team. There is nobody rushing us. Being independent creates more chances, opportunities and flexibility in terms of our project’s goals. We approach our goals in small steps, but yet we’re always moving forward.

As a team, we’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort into improving our condition and practical skills at:

First Aid Training
Marine Fire-Fighting Training
Water Safety Training
Rescue Techniques
STCW95, ENG1, First Aid

All training we’ve participated in (and all certified by SAMSA – South African Maritime Safety Authority) were completed successfully and all participants have received their graduation certificates. Despite the high cost ($1,600 USD), taking part in this training mattered deeply to us for two important reasons; first, we wish to provide the highest skill measures for all team members and by doing so – to meet all requirements of international marine regulations. Very few folks are aware sending non-trained teams as crew members to locations like Bouvet, is illegal. Individuals taken on board all commercial (non tour) vessels must receive proper certified training and prove they qualify.

Secondly, we wish each and every team member to have – at a minimum – an idea of what we expect to deal with during our cruise and during landing at the island. Each team member must know the crucial basics of providing safety and support to others. The Rebels are not the type who arrive 1, 2 or 3 days before departure without any preparation and basic knowledge. The experience we’ve all just gained will last forever and be useful on our next project (not just Ham Radio).

Certainly some of you are familiar with our landing plan at Bouvet Island: with zodiac “type” high power boats. With these type of boats we can safely transport up to 200kg of gear to the shore while facing 2-2.5m waves. Nobody has said it’s going to be an easy task, but we are ready. Additionally, by splitting our gear into rounds, we’ll minimize the risk of accidents in the rough water and we’ll be able to take more items. There’s another big advantage of zodiacs over helicopters: cost reduction and much more flexibility in terms of weather conditions. In case of worsening conditions we’ll be able to “wait it out” and to proceed with our “Bouvet attack” under a more suitable and safer “weather window”.

Once ashore, our equipment will be transported up the glacier with professional alpine gear. An interesting fact: the glacier at Bouvet contains a lot of salt water. That’s because waves crashing Bouvet’s cliffs create sea water droplets taken by strong winds that fall over the islands ice cap. Our camp will be ice covered up to several dozen meters above volcanic land. These two factors mean our antenna environment should be genuinely radio-suitable and effective.

Today, we continue preparations of our expedition vessel for this demanding trip. Taking part in these preparations has been a part of our plan from the very beginning. This is an entirely refurbished and refitted ship at a cost north of a million dollars. It is extremely suitable for running the deep South in rough sea conditions. Our vessel is able take up to 300 tonnes of cargo and 60,000 liters of fuel, making is fully self-sufficient for up to a 4-month long trip – without the need to refuel at a sea port. The ship will wait off-shore while the team stays on the island and will be in reach in case of medical support or evacuation. Its vast and spacious interior has allowed us to pre-assemble some of our antennas and even our dome tent. A new hydraulic crane will help us load/unload the zodiacs. Our vessel is fully equipped with all new electronics, including redundant radio, satellite and navigation systems.

Many of you ask for details regarding our Ham Radio and technical “backstage”. We’ll utilize the following while at Bouvet Island:

3 x 2-element directional multiband Yagi antennas by Kohjinsja,
3 x 8-band verticals
2 x verticals for 80 and 160m bands
Sloper for 80 and 160m, elevated from a cliff towards ocean beach
Dipole antennas (backup)
Over 2km of coax
4 diesel power generators 6.5 kW each (+ backup)
4 transceivers (+ backup)
4 x 1.3 kW power amplifiers
For logging: military grade robust laptops by Panasonic Toughbook
2x BGAN satellite modems
Iridium satellite phones and communicators
Professional gear for image and 4K movies taken from the ground and air

In addition to the above, there is over a ton of outdoor and technical equipment (eg ladders, tools), alpine gear (crampons, lifts, pickax, harnesses, lines, helmets, sledges) and marine (sea water suits, vests etc.) loaded in the cargo hold. More than 1 year of preparation and 4,200 lbs. of cargo already loaded.

Our contacts made at Bouvet Island will all be confirmed with unique QSL cards designed by Stan SP8S (there are no such cards in the history of ham radio, yet) and via LoTW. Stan is known for his QSL for such major DXpeditions as K5D, FT5ZM, HKØNA, XRØY, JX5O, VK9LA, TI9/3Z9DX, P5/3Z9DX, T31T and many others.

We are very thankful for ALL donations received, thank you, thank you, thank you! Sponsors of 3Y0I

All the best of sunny greetings from South Africa. Stay tuned for more exciting 3Y0I news in the following hours/days.

Merry Christmas from the Rebel 3YØI Team!

3Y0I Bouvet Island News 12 December 2018

3Y0I Donations

Ham Radio Foundations & Clubs.

As I write, and as you see on our “Sponsors” page, we have not listed a single Amateur Radio foundation or DX club that has donated to our cause (yet).

To answer a friends inquiry as to, “why is that?” – well, we’ve yet to see an offer from a foundation or club that did not come with “strings attached“.

Let’s be clear, IF a foundation or a club wants to donate to our cause they can – and we’ll gladly accept those donations to buy more Satellite Internet minutes, and we’ll also list them as a Donor, but don’t expect the Rebels to accept your list of members, your logo, requests for free QSL cards, LoTW requirements, online log specifications, QSL via bureau requirements, list of remote control ops and on and on, and on…

The Rebel DX Group thanks all of our listed Sponsors who have donated to date!

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition News 11 December 2018

As we promised some time ago...
We would like to start sending some awards to some of the most important HAM RADIO CLOWNS in last month.
I hope you guys will also send him some warm regards becouse most of DQRM, Pirating our callsign, fake news are comming from this brave ( on different way) man ( or maybe woman)

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition DL6JF

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition News 10 December 2018

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition FT8 Testing

The 3Y0I Team has decided to follow the new FT8 standards and change our software to WSJT-X Version 2.0 Expedition Mode (Fox /Hound)

NOTE: We would like to remind you that older versions 1.8, 1.9 (or JTDX) WILL NOT decode signals sent from WSJT-X Version 2.0.

Today, December 10, starting at 1700Z we will conduct 24 hours of testing via FT8 Expedition Mode version 2.0 on our listed 3Y0I Band Plan frequencies. We welcome all Hams using version 2.0 to participate in this 24 hour test. This will be helpful for us and all who make contact when we land on Bouvet. Our Callsign during this 24 hour test will be E51DOM/mm.

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition News 4 December 2018
Mount Everest of Ham Radio

3Y0I Bouvet Island Mount Everest for Ham Radio

Hey there Mister Ham Radio Operator sitting in front of your nice warm radio – would you ever consider climbing Mount Everest? Let alone consider climbing Mount Everest without proper knowledge, training, a competent guide and rescue qualified co-expeditioneers?

We didn’t think so.

And this is why training continues in Cape Town for the 3Y0I DXpedition Team. Today was more First Aid and First Responder Training.

Somebody once said, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. Well that goes for pretty much everything in life now doesn’t it? Perhaps instead of asking why the Team has no RTTY plans or why we haven’t set sail yet – you should be asking, “what can I do to help?”

When the Rebel Team feels they are ready to go, the Rebel Team will go.

3Y0I News 3 December 2018

Pirate using 3Y0I Call

Pirate alert.
Some one from Europe pirating using 3Y0I call.
3Y0I Team still in Cape Town.

3Y0I Bouvet Island News 1 December 2018

Some fresh news from Cape Town, South Africa.
The 3YØI Team is about to deal other extensive training next week + gathering some additional equipment we'll need at Bouvet Island.
Also, new possibilities emerge: we can take 2 additional operators (CW + SSB) with us. If you're flexible and weather-experienced individual, and willing to join an 1-month long adventure of your life time, drop a msg asap at:
Be quick!

3Y0I Bouvet Island News 22 November 2018

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Safety Training

Dom (3Z9DX) as Military Search and Rescue Instructor provided rescue training with the 3Y0I Team in Cape Town, South Africa today.
The 3Y0I Team spent 6 hours training in 11° Celsius water using different zodiac boats and practicing how to launch zodiacs from the shore line.
Training also included how to swiftly load and unload cargo and how to survive in case of a zodiac “incident”.

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition News 20 November 2018

DX Pedition Pilots:
Main pilot, North America - Wayne, N0UN.
North America, East Coast - Steve, N2AJ.
North America, West Coast - Rich, KY6R.
Africa - Andre, V51B.
Europe, Asia and Russian speaking countries - Al, 4L5A.
Asia - Yasu, JR1AIB.
Pacific - Col, VK4CC.
South America - Val, PY2XU.

3Y0I Bouvet Island News 11 November 2018

Tack san JE1CKA just landed 2h ago and joined Rebel team in Cape Town.

3Y0I DX Pedition Team Cape Town JE1CKA

3Y0I News 10 November 2018

3Y0I Team meet with local ZS Community. Cape Town, South Africa.

3Y0I ZS1AN Cape Town

3Y0I Cape Town Bouvet Island DX Pedition Team Image 1

3Y0I Cape Town Bouvet Island DX Pedition Team Image 2

3Y0I Cape Town Bouvet Island DX Pedition Team Image 3

3Y0I Cape Town DX Pedition Team Image 4

3Y0I Cape Town Bouvet Island DX Pedition Team

Team is waiting for another team members

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Team Cape Town, South Africa

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Team with ZS Radio Amateurs in Cape Town, South Africa

3Y0I Bouvet Island News 15 October 2018

Tack, JE1CKA is joining the 3Y0I DX Pedition that is apparently upcoming within nthe new few month.
Tack will concentrate on CW and 160 and 80m activity.

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition News 5 July 2018

"When no news means good news"

Yes, we know. Lately, we haven't been updating our website recently, but we've been focused on securing crucial details of arrangements of our project recently.

We have received a couple of questions regarding the way we're going to land at the island and why we dropped the heli way. The answer is simple: cost reduction and security measures. Once helicopter's cost doesn't bother us, we can stay around the island longer - waiting for the best suitable sea conditions to proceed with zodiac landing. by doing so, we also reduce any security risk, not to mention, the cost involved. We don't want to jeopardize the project by playing with the wrong cards, or rather - just one "heli card".

Just a reminder: our total budget estimation counts 225k USD, far less than any other similar DXpedition project recently. We're running 95k USD short now and looking for solutions to secure the missing part.

We're in touch with DX Foundations we have applied to (eg. NCDXF, Indexa). We have received a big number of questions out of their application forms we had to answer to in details. We understand all of that, of course. The most recent project didn't succeed and they're simply cautious. Nevertheless, this all takes a lot of critical timing to our project and we start to have an impression, we're not welcome there and whatever information we provide, our applications would be dropped, forcing us to reduce the number of participants. This is the bad news.

The good news is that we are able to re-negotiate our vessel's contract to cut extra cost by 15k USD! We plan to run its inspection in person in Cape town in late July. We have also scheduled another cargo to RSA with a second part of our gear going to Bouvet Island. We also bear in mind security measures. Each participant of our expedition will land at the island while wearing a rescue drysuit to protect from cold and other unpleasant conditions. In addition, a professional CPR and first aid obligatory training will be provided to each of participant in prior of leaving Cape Town. We'll have a skilled paramedic on the board, too.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

The 3YØI Team

3Y0I News 24 February 2018

The invitation

Hereby, we – as the organizers of the 3YØI Bouvet Island Expedition – invite the team of the 3YØZ expedition to join forces and to participate in our common project. The common project that will also allow to make their initial plans coming true. Our decision is also caused by a fact we are fully aware and full of sympathy of their disappointment as the organizers followed by public opinions following the failure and cancellation of their plans.

Thanks to joining the projects, we’ll be able to reduce cost of our common venture as well as we’ll be able to bring Bouvet Island on the air under better conditions with more benefits to the ham radio society. Our unprecedented decision opens not only new fantastic opportunities, but is also a proof that our plans are driven by the Ham Spirit and will of cooperation, not division.

Looking forward to cooperation and bringing Bouvet island on the air – together.

3Y0I Bouvet Island DX Pedition Team.

Bouvet Island 3Y0I DX ExpeditionBouvet Island. 3Y0I.

Bouvet Island 3Y0I DX NewsBouvet Island. 3Y0I.
photos from

3Y0I. Where is Bouvet Island located. Map.

3Y0I Bouvet Island. Sunrise 02-22-2019 at 04:53 GMT sunset at 19:06 GMT
3Y0I Bouvet Island comments forum

Your comments are important to us!

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Thanks for the update a day after my question. I was too impatient. :-) Good luck. Have a safe trip!
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Tom Tincknell
  • Callsign: N8ZI
  • 2019-02-20 01:54:11
I love your groups attitude! REBEL DX is the best! Tell it like it is in your news. Expose those POS drama queen fake news fabricators. Put them on your "Do not QSO" list as they and their fellow comrades are not worthy of 3Y0I in their log! If I had time off of work I would fly to South Africa, buy the 3Y0I team dinner and all the beer we could drink, then track down the drama queens and knock their lights out! Piss on the naysayers, they are just envious your team has the fortitude to do what they only dream of and another team failed. Take your time on this quest. No QSO with Bouvet is worth life or limbs. You guys Rock the DXpedition community! N8ZI Tom
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Any news? It is getting so silent from your side...
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Hey Guys, I can't believe what happens to you. Instead of being happy that a group of brave HAMs activate one of the coldest islands of the world they spread such a shit across the media. Hope you can figure out who they are and publish their names. Good luck and a save journey. Hope to get you on bands. Vy 73 Karl DF3EK
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  • 2019-01-30 07:25:44
Great news, no RTTY what only need on digital mode. Even we still have a lot Hams, what not accept FT8 for MIXED mode as me because it's so unfair. That's the point mostly and reason for FT8 discard. When ARRL wake up and starting create an own category for FT8?
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  • Callsign: N8NTX
  • 2018-12-28 06:25:39
Hi fellows....been looking forward to this DXepedition all year. I wish you all the best of luck and hope to send you a donation soon. I purchased a new antenna just for the occasion and hope we have good band conditions. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. 73 N8NTX
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Absolutely looking forward to when you will be on the air, sure hope to be able to break the pile ups and get at least one QSO. Have you set your dates yet? Go CW!
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Hi Guys, Whats happening, I believe you still stuck in Capetown..? Give us the good news. 73 de ZS1MJL - Thys
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  • 2018-12-16 12:29:15
Hello ve6gpt. Gord here. Just wondering on the dates the dxpidition will be active? Ive been listening and have'nt heard anything. Thx. 73s
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OK so when are you going?????????????
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Dear Jose! Most of DX Pedition is have own rules and own vision how they see it. Same story with DX Foundation some of them giving money to support and some of them giving money with obligations and asking DX Pedition team what they need to do for that money.
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  • Callsign: KN6OAT
  • 2018-12-13 03:45:49
There is a reason why none of the big DX associations donate money for this activity. They have informed each other in advance and therefore know very well the situation and the intention.
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  • Callsign: EA7ME
  • 2018-12-12 10:06:43
So you expect donations from DX foundations, but you reserve the right to refuse what seems a standard list of demands they expect all the other dx-peds to follow? QSLs via buro and LoTW? How dare they?!!!1!!!
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  • Callsign: KM6IIK
  • 2018-12-10 01:34:42
I send my donation immediately after the start of the action. but - when is that? in the next weeks? in the next month? ask about questions .....
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Pete if you like to donate you can use this link:
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How can I help with my donation 100 US$?
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I admire the dedication on your dexpedition to the various Islands. Well done and hope to work you as it's my day of work. 73s G8RZ
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All of this is great BUT WHEN???????????????? Gary K6JAJ
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Looks like its going to happen. Best of luck and be very careful, Looks like a nasty place.
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  • Callsign: IU4LAH
  • 2018-11-20 04:33:03
Dateci dentro in BOCCA al LUPO Sperando di sentirvi per una bella QSL. Un 73 da NATALE IU4LAH À tutto lo Staff...
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3Y0I Fan
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Good luck guys
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  • Callsign: UW5EJX/MM
  • 2018-11-16 04:22:24
Good luck guys! Hope you will reach island and come back to home safely. Looking forward make QSO with 3Y0I before I left Angola. Special Hello to Branco ))) 73!!! de UW5EJX/MM, Luanda, Angola
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  • Callsign: UN7TX
  • 2018-11-15 08:41:02
GLet, 73!
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  • Callsign: LA5HE
  • 2018-11-13 07:26:12
Tack is an excellent addition to te crew !¨ Just hope the weather will cooperate so you get established safely on the island. It is not a very hospitable place !!!
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  • Callsign: UR5FAI
  • 2018-11-11 12:27:31
Good luck TEAM!!! Special hello to Branko ;)
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  • Callsign: KN4JX
  • 2018-11-11 12:19:29
Godspeed and thank you for your hard work 73.
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  • Callsign: IU4LAH
  • 2018-11-11 12:12:39
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  • Callsign: LA5HE
  • 2018-11-10 08:23:44
Good luck. Hope you will have good weather and propagation , without any accident ! Weather forecast is available at 73
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  • Callsign: KN2M
  • 2018-07-07 03:49:18
Insurance policy for the failed transportation?
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  • Callsign: N9NY
  • 2018-07-06 08:59:29
Good luck!
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  • Callsign: N8ZI
  • 2018-07-05 08:13:51
A team from Poland was the original DXpedition to Bouvet. They were organized and ready to go. For some hidden reason Team Poland was asked to postpone and the other team went instead. The second team did not appear to be well organized nor make wise decisions and that led to a unsuccessful attempt in which a large amount of money and equipment never accounted for. Too many questionable circumstances occurred that has led Dxpedition support groups leery of backing another team. Did the financial supporters merely fund a groups southern tour? ALL remaining equipment and funds should go to the 3Y0I team so they can put Bouvet in the logbook of deserving operators.
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  • Callsign: LA5HE
  • 2018-07-05 08:13:21
I am chairing the LADXG's DX-Foundation but have not received any request for contribution. 73 Rag
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  • Callsign: WB9AZA
  • 2018-02-24 11:48:28
In other words, 3Y0I wants the remaining resources from 3Y0Z.. 3Y0Z hopefully return for another try.
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  • Callsign: vk2hv
  • 2018-02-24 10:09:49
I wish the team the best of luck and hope you all do well and stay safe