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4S7BBG Sri Lanka

OK1RI, OK1FFU, OK1DO, OK1NY, OK1JKT, OK1VVT, OK5MM will be active from Sri Lanka 29 February - 9 March 2016 as 4S7BBG.
They will operate on 80 - 10m and also planning EME activity 2m and 70cm.
QSL via OM2FY.
Ads for direct QSL:
Branislav Daras, P.O.Box 6, SK-820 08 Bratislava 28, Slovak Republic.

Sri Lanka 4S7BBG Golden TempleGolden Temple, Sri Lanka. Author - Roman Melnichuk.

Sri Lanka 4S7BBG DX News The Colours Of Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa.The Colours Of Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. Author - TablinumCarlson.

Sri Lanka 4S7BBG Tourist attractions spot
The beauty of a traditional Sri Lankan dance, Sri Lanka. Author - Brett Davies.

Where is Sri Lanka located. Map.

4S7BBG Sri Lanka. Sunrise 04-26-2019 at 00:22 GMT sunset at 12:46 GMT
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