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Uganda: national parks, safaris and... Bananas for dinner

Uganda is a country in East Africa, which attracts amazing landscapes, natural resources and unusual traditions. The African pearl is known for its amazing landscapes, which tourists from all over the world come to admire. Its beauty is the target of photographers from the BBC and National Geographics.

Uganda 5X7W DX News 2019Uganda. Author - jsundem.

Here's the best part

Uganda is a treasure trove of natural attractions. The territory of the state has the highest mountain peaks in Africa and one of the deepest lakes in the world - Albertine. Of all the countries in East Africa, Uganda is the smallest, but one of the richest in natural resources and attractions.

Flora and fauna is the richest. When it comes to birds, Uganda is home to about 11% of the bird species on earth. Despite the hot climate, the peaks of the Ugandan mountains are covered with snow. The topography is rich in lakes and rivers. Uganda is home to Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

This is interesting! Lake Victoria is located in three countries: Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. About half of the approximately 700 gorillas in the world live in Uganda.

The Republic of Uganda is one of three countries in the world where mountain gorillas live in the wild. The other two countries are Rwanda and Congo. Day and night here last the same 12 hours. The sun rises at 7 am and sets at 7 pm. The minimum temperature was recorded in the capital, Kampala, and was only +12 degrees.

Uganda is rich in natural beauty. The virgin nature untouched by industry, the clearest lakes and waterfalls, hundreds of species of unique animals, birds and plants - only a small part of what the nature of Africa offers. Lake Victoria and national parks are recommended as must-see destinations.

Uganda 5X7W Marabu.Marabu, Uganda. Author - Luz D. Montero Espuela.

National parks are the pride of the country

The national parks of Uganda are the main attraction of the state. The Queen Elizabeth National Park bears the palm as the world's first park of natural character. The site, home to mountain gorillas, is popular with tourists. The largest waterfall on the Nile, Murchison Falls is a popular tourist attraction. Attracts fans of natural beauty with its power.

There are several mountains covered with eternal ice in Ruwenzori Park. The most attractive for tourists is Mount Stanley. Its height is 5109 m. Unique nature of pure beauty, amazing animals and rare species of birds - all this attracts tourists from all over the world.

For note! Using the services of a guide, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting natural beauty of Uganda on a trekking tour. The itinerary is designed so that wilderness lovers will see as many sights as possible while enjoying the beauty of East Africa.

Fans of conquering extreme heights are offered an excursion to Margherita Peak. This is the third highest peak in Africa (5109 m). Tourists will see picturesque panoramas with beautiful waterfalls, lakes rich in birds and vegetation, glaciers where permafrost reigns.

This is interesting! The national parks of Uganda boast many endangered species. Bearded monkeys, black and white colobus, damans, forest elephants, turacos and dukers can be seen here.

Uganda 5X7W DX News Chimpanzee, Kibale National Park.Chimpanzee, Kibale National Park, Uganda. Author - Gunnar Pettersson.

Banana Gastronomy

The national cuisine of Uganda consists mainly of bananas. They are fried, boiled, steamed, and made into drinks. Matoke, Uganda's national dish, is made from mashed bananas. It is important that the bananas be unripe. Sweetness is not inherent in this dish. The appearance of African mashed bananas resembles that of European potatoes.

In addition to bananas, potatoes, sorghum, cassava, millet, and fish are commonly used. Ugandan dishes prepared even with ordinary produce, such as potatoes, have a special exotic taste. This is due to the use of local spices: papaya, pineapple and mango. Fish with mango is a local delicacy, sorghum with pineapple is a sophisticated kind of dish for the local population.

Uganda 5X7W Tourist attractions spot Queen Elizabeth National Park.Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Author - Ian & Kate Bruce.

Music and dancing

The local color is perfectly felt in the rhythm of the local dances and rituals. There is still an ancient tradition of dancing and music on a curved madi lyre. Dancing and music are integral components of daily life. On occasions of great celebrations, such as weddings and good harvests, the whole village celebrates the event. The local color attracts with unusual traditions and specific music, which is characteristic of African countries.

It is interesting! The dance serves as a tool for preserving folk culture and family values.

Traditions and rituals are handed down from generation to generation by the oldest members of the village. There has been little change over hundreds of years. But today, traditions are undergoing a strong change. The secret is that making musical instruments requires the use of tree species that are protected by law. Endangered trees are prohibited for use as musical raw materials.

What to do and where to go?

Uganda is rich with parks under the auspices of UNESCO. The best place to start exploring the wild world is Rwenzori National Park. The peculiarity of the area is one of the oldest ecosystems in the world. Flora and fauna has not changed for almost 30 thousand years! Tourists and lovers of enjoying the beauty of wildlife are offered the following types of active and passive recreation:

  • sport fishing;
  • safari in the bosom of wild nature;
  • boat trips on the Nile;
  • walks in the forest of Rabongo;
  • excursions to Caño Pabidi.

By choosing sport fishing, tourists can get tiger fish or Nile perch as trophies. By booking a boat trip, you can watch crocodiles and hippos in their natural environment. The flatlands offer elephants, buffalo and ibex, the coastal wetlands - the abundance of birds, among which it is worth highlighting herons, kingfishers, eagles, ducks and cormorants. If you are lucky, you can capture a photo of a royal heron.

Lovers of aesthetics and wildlife in its pristine form should visit Caño Pabidi. This is an untouched wild patch of forest located in the Bugungu Reserve. The forest reserve is rich in ironwood and redwood trees. The most desirable inhabitants for camera lenses are the white-tailed kalao and the kingfisher with its spicy chocolate-colored back plumage.

Safari and ecotourism

Multi-day safaris are a highlight of vacations that appeal to Europeans. Guides offer fascinating journeys into the wild world of animals, where every hour, every minute is unique. Tourists have a unique opportunity to see the daily life of the inhabitants of the savannah, not from TV screens, but in their natural environment. Leopards, giraffes, rhinos, zebras, lions... These and other animals are offered to see at arm's length. The emotions are unforgettable!

Ecotourism lovers are invited to visit Rabongo forest. The peculiarity is the location (an island of a tropical forest river). In the forest you can see many different representatives of animals, including baboons, red-tailed monkeys, white calaboos. You can camp and have a picnic on the banks of the Wairingo River.

A few words in conclusion

Uganda is a country in East Africa, rich in natural attractions and unique flora and fauna. The Republic boasts the rarest collection of birds, the highest mountain peaks and deep lakes. Tourists are offered hiking trails for excursions, safaris, camping in the woods, walking through the national reserves. Fans of fishing will delight in sport fishing.

"Land of Men", as Uganda is translated, is very rich not only in flora and fauna, but also in natural minerals. Known deposits of gold, copper, chromium, cobalt, tungsten, iron ores. Other valuable minerals include rock salt, kaolin, sulfur, and limestone. In the areas of gold mining work mostly locals. Valuable metal is extracted by handicraft method.

Uganda is an amazing African country with beautiful panoramas and an abundance of wildlife.

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