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VK9AN Christmas Island

Rob, N7QT with AB1UH will be active from Christmas Island 18 September - 2 October 2014 as VK9AN (not VK9X/N7QT as reported earlier).
They will be active on 80-10m CW, SSB, Digital modes.
Recent DX Spots VK9AN
QSL via N7QT direct, LOTW, eQSL.
Information from N7QT:

  • QSL available using LOTW, direct with SASE( IRC or $2 for international), bureau.
  • *** NO IRC or SASE??? Your QSL will be returned via bureau!! No exceptions!!! ***

Contact me directly for log corrections, or missing QSL cards.

Christmas Island. Information.

Christmas Island is a Australian territory in the Indian Ocean.
Captain William Minors is named Island in 1643.
Capital city of Christmas Island -Flying Fish Cove.
63% of the Christmas Island is protected National Park.
Official language - English.
Ethnic groups - 70% Chinese, 20% European, 10% Malay.
Currency- Australian Dollar AUD.
International phone calling code - +61.
Internet domain- . cx
Time - UTC +7.
Red Crab is endemic Cocos and Christmas Island.

VK9AN Christmas Island. Information for Radio Amateurs.

Amateur radio prefix - VK9.
ARRL DXCC Country - Christmas Island.
CQ Amateur Radio magazine WAZ Zone - CQ 30.
International Telecommunication Zone ITU Zone - ITU 60.
QTH Locator - OH29.

Christmas Island (Australia)

If there is a place that Mother Nature has showered her abundance, then it has to be Christmas Island. It’s an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean and it got its name from the fact that its discovery was made on 25th December, on Christmas Day. The island is isolated geographically. Christmas Island has a unique culture because its inhabitants hail from various ethnicities – Europeans, Chinese and Malays. Biological diversity makes this island famous amongst tourists and travellers. Not only species, but also a varied range of caves from raised coastal caves, plateau caves to sea and fissure caves make Christmas Island – one of a kind in islands!

Natural Wonder

Christmas Island is abundant of natural elements that are sheer symbols of wonderment. The uniquely beautiful red crabs that migrate to the island every year to the deserted beaches and unusual species of birds, make this island a spectacle of nature. Christmas Island is also called the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, because of the existence of numerous species. It is a mixed bag of history, culture, nature and industry at the same time, which attracts people from around the globe!

Christmas Island VK9AN

Things to do in Christmas Island

Bird Watching – A marvelous tropical station for seabird breeding, is what Christmas Island is known as. Over 80000 seabirds are nestled in this island and you can view a number of them without any kind of hassle whatsoever.

Scuba Diving– Scuba diving in the beaches of this island, will give you a magnificent opportunity to get a glimpse of whale sharks and also encounter them closely. The best time to go for scuba diving is between the months of November and April.

Nature Walking– 63% of the island is part of the National Park. Thus, taking a walk via the rainforest of Christmas Island is not only easy but super relaxing too. Whilst your walk, you can discover and explore the island closely and get to experience the abundance of both fauna and flora of this island at its best!

Christmas Island VK9AN DX News

Source of Accommodation in Christmas Island

When it comes to accommodation, Christmas Island has loads to offer. The source of accommodation in the island ranges from luxury self contained apartments, boutique hotels, condos to budget-friendly resorts and hotels.

You can check-in at the Mango Tree Lodge, The Cabin, Christmas Island Resort, The Sanctuary, Walkrite Inn, Sea Spray Villa, VQ3 Lodge, The Sunset, Papaya Cottage, Captain’s Last Resort and Captain’s Lookout.

You can take a flight, cruise or yacht to reach the Christmas Island. There is a direct flight available from Perth. Whatever mode of transport you choose to reach Christmas Island, you will surely not regret your journey to this naturally beautiful island!

Video Christmas Island

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