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A71CV Qatar

A71AM, A71CO, A71CV, A71BX, 9K2RR, 7Z1SJ, HZ1HN, HZ1BW, HZ1DG, A92AA, HZ1MX, HZ1BL, SQ9UM, SQ9DIE, SQ9CNN, SQ9FK will be active from Qatar in CQ WW DX SSB Contest 24 - 25 October 2015 as A71CV.
They will operate in MM Category.

Qatar A71CV Camel warning sign
Camel warning sign at the highway in Qatar, Middle East.

Qatar A71CV DX News The Pearl and Oyster Fountain in Doha
The Pearl and Oyster Fountain in Doha Qatar is one of the sights of this Arabian town.

Qatar A71CV Tourist attractions Rebuilt historic Fort Zubarah
Rebuilt historic Fort Zubarah (Al Zubara) in North East of the deserts of Qatar on the edge of the Persian gulf on a sunny summer day.

A71CV Qatar. Sunrise 02-23-2024 at 03:02 GMT sunset at 14:34 GMT
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