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XR0YJ Easter Island DX Pedition

JA3ARJ, JA3HJI, JA3IVU, JH3LSS, JI3DNN, JA3AVO, JH3PBL will be active from Easter Island 9 - 17 January 2015 as XR0YJ, CE0Y/JA3ARJ, CE0Y/JA3HJI, CE0Y/JA3IVU, CE0Y/JH3LSS, CE0Y/JI3DNN, CE0Y/JA3AVO, CE0Y/JH3PBL.
They will be active on 80 - 6m CW, SSB, Digital modes.
More information will be available later....

Unravel the Mysteries of Easter Island

Easter Island – or Rapa Nui – as it’s referred to as in the island’s native language of Spanish, is the most remote yet inhabited island in the world. The first inhabitants are estimated to have settled the area anywhere from 300 – 1200 AD. Now a special territory of Chile, the island got its name from the first European visitor, Dutch navigator Jakob Roggeveen, who discovered the island on Easter Sunday in 1722. Miles from the coast of Chile in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, this isolated island is full of mystery and intrigue.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designed Easter Island as a World Heritage Site in 1995, marking most of the island protected under Rapa Nui National Park. Vacation visitors and sightseers alike will all find something to enjoy on the island, from the turquoise waters of Anakena Beach, to the lake-filled crater of Orongo, or a cave inside one of several extinct volcanoes, and of course, the 887 large, monumental statues called moai that quietly surround the island.

Because the island lays in the southern hemisphere, the island experiences mild, warm weather year-round and the summer season is the hottest in February, perfect for a northern hemisphere visitors’ winter escape. Winters are from June through August and are mild, typically in the low 70s (Fahrenheit). Hurricanes do not threaten the region where Easter Island is located, but rain is a year-round occurrence.

Historic and Geological Wonderment

The chance to explore beautiful Easter Island has not always been a privilege granted to tourists. Today however, the island welcomes those who want to explore its mysteries and adventure through its rich history. The island is mysterious and a perfect adventure for those wanting a unique and geographically stunning escape from usual vacation spots.

  1. No trip to Easter Island would be complete without a sightseeing trip to some – or all! – of the 1,500-year-old volcanic rock structures called moai. Sometimes called Easter Island heads, one of the most visited spots to see the monuments is Ahu – meaning ceremonial platform – Tongariki on the right side of the island. Here, 15 of the moai stand on a flat rock platform, looking in from the sea in a military style lineup. Although archaeologist believe the statues were carved as representations of the inhabitants ancestors, no one is exactly sure why the moai were put around the island.
  2. The Museo Antropologico P. Sebastian Englert is a great place to start off a trip on Easter Island. Located close to the airport and hotel accommodations, the museum collects and preserves the heritage of Easter Island and educators visitors to the island on traditions and the Polynesian culture.
  3. The white sands of Anakena Beach on the northeastern shore of Easter Island is postcard worthy to say the least. Seven moai greet sunbathers and the clear, turquoise waters are inviting for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is less than 30 minutes away from most of the hotel accommodations on the island and the water stays warm.
  4. Orongo is a lake-filled crater on the southern-most tip of Easter Island that holds archeological remnants of the Birdman Cult, a religion practiced until 1867. The view from the bottom of the volcano Orongo sits on is stunning in itself, but climbing to the top for views of the Motu Nui islet leaves visitors breathless.
  5. Poike volcano is the oldest volcano of the three that form Easter Island. Unlike Orongo, the crater of Poike is dry and contains several historical sites of interest. The Vai a Heva is large, stone carving of a head with an open mouth, thought to have been used to collect rainwater. The Ana o Keke cave – “Virgin Cave” – is also on Poike. Inside are carvings of men and whales. The cave is difficult to find and going with an experienced guide is recommended.


Accommodating Hotels and Resources

Easter Island offers several accommodation choices while staying on the breathtaking and unique island. Most hotels and specialty lodging options are eco-conscious on the inside and out and located in the main city of Hanga Roa. Most staff also have basic or excellent knowledge of the English language, making booking and the stay easy for European or American guests.

The Taura'a Hotel found in the heart of Hanga Roa is located close to the beach, local eateries and has an internet hot spot in the lobby. The hotel was completed in the year 2004, making it relatively new. Rooms are kept comfortable for guests with private bathrooms, a refrigerator and coffee-making items. Rooms also include ceiling fans to stay cool while sleeping. The owners’ handmade breakfast and attention to details make guests rave online.

The Keu Henua Eco-Hostal is a family-owned business on Easter Island dedicated to providing guests with a relaxing stay. Guests can chose from a double, triple, or family-sized room accommodation, all of which include a private bathroom, hot water and a terrace with a table and chairs. Wi-Fi is available in the common area as are guided tours around the island. Pineapple and other orchard fruit is grown at the eco-hostal with no chemicals and available to guests.

Inaki Uhi Hotel is another family-owned business, boasted as one of the friendliest hotels on Easter Island. Located on the main street of Hanga Roa, the hotel offers airport pick-up service, and takes the time to offer guests a tour of the island on the way to the hotel to point out spots of interest. The hotel has 15 rooms with two, self-contained apartments available. Four, fully equipped kitchens allow guests the option of preparing their own meals and a dining room to enjoy them in. Private bathrooms, hot water, and free Wi-Fi are all available at Inaki Uhi Hotel, as well as coordination of rental cars, guided trips and scuba diving lessons.


Enchanting Easter Island

Although Easter Island is not the easiest vacation spot to reach with only one airline serving the island – Chile’s LAN Airlines – the struggle is worth it for the escape into a world where ancient culture still feels alive.


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