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EA2RY, EA5XX, EA7AJR, EA5RM will be active from Morocco 22-27 October 2014 as CN2RY, CN2XX, CN2JR, CN2C.
They will be active on HF bands CW, SSB, RTTY.
QSL information:
CN2RY via EA2RY.
CN2XX via EA5XX.
CN2C via EA5RM.


A unique kingdom

Morocco is officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco and it is a country situated in North Africa, in the Maghreb region. One of the things that make this country be very beautiful and almost unique is its geography, as Morocco is defined by a rocky mountainous interior, with wide portions of desert. Alongside with France and Spain, Morocco is one of the only three countries that have coastlines on both Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The predominant religion in this country is Islam. The official languages spoken in Morocco are Arabic and Berber, but there are also spoken the Moroccan Arabic and French.

Developed communication

The communication is well-developed in Morocco, with a variety of communication means available. Here are some of the main communication means that you can benefit of in this country:

  • Telephone and telegraph. Additionally to the local telephone and telegraph service, Morocco also offers international service. Although it comes with higher rates than the local services, there are certain discount rates that users can take advantage of, for specific times of the days or week.
  • Internet. There is internet available in Morocco and it is relatively fast and reliable. There are dozens of Internet service providers across the country and people can get a home connection with any of them. The internet domain for Morocco is .ma.
  • Mail. There are some fast courier services that operate in Morocco.
  • Radio and TV. There are local radio stations in Morocco that broadcast in Arabic, Berber, French and Spanish and they are found on both AM and FM. Also, there are daily broadcasts in English language, in the form of a program. There are also TV networks broadcasting in the country. People can also opt for satellite dishes, which allow them to enjoy access to a variety of broadcasts. Additionally to the free tunes, viewers can also buy decoding chips, which allow them to receive additional channels, for which they will be charged a monthly fee.
  • Newspapers, magazines, technical journeys. People of Morocco have access to some international publications and magazines.


Holidays in Morocco

There are two different types of local holidays in Morocco: the ones that are celebrated on the same time every year and the ones that have variable dates for celebrations. The holidays with variable dates are:

  • Id al-Adah
  • Ramadan
  • Id al-Fitr
  • Hijra New Year

The holidays which are celebrated on an exact established date are:

  • 11 January Independence Manifesto Day
  • Labor Day, May 1
  • The King and People’s Revolution Day, August 20
  • National Day, May 23
  • Independence Day, November 18
  • 14 august, Oued Ed-Dahab Day
  • New Year’s Day, January 1
  • Anniversary of the Green March, November 6

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Cuisine and Drinking

The Moroccan cuisine has a very good reputation worldwide, and it is often considered to be one of the best cuisines in the world. There are countless dishes with plenty of variations, most of them having colonial and Arabic influences. However, as a tourist to Morocco, one of the downsides is that you are less likely to find a restaurant that serves traditional Morocco food, as most of the restaurants in this country tend to serve only foreign dishes, as they consider that people from Morocco can enjoy their traditional foods at home and thus prefer eating international dishes at a restaurant. Typically, the most common cuisines that you’ll be able to find at restaurants in Morocco include Chinese, French and Indian. You can also find some snacks and fast foods to enjoy in Morocco.

As in what regards drinking, probably one of the most interesting things in this country is that there is no legal drinking age, yet the purchasing age required for Alcoholic beverages is 18.

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Getting accommodation in Morocco

There are many hotels in Morocco and they are made in a manner to suit every budget and preference, so that you will be able to find any type of hotel, from 1 star classified and to 5 star classified. While in most of these hotels, breakfast is usually included, some of them also include dinner in their offer. An interesting thing that you’ll enjoy about many hotels in this country is that they offer roof terraces, where visitors are welcome to sleep in case the weather is too hot. Additionally to book an accommodation at a hotel, visitors of Morocco can also opt for camping, as there is a campground in almost every town and city of Morocco. Even in rural areas, you have chances to camp, as there are many locals who are happy to allow visitors to camp on their property, with the only condition that the visitor first asks them for permission to camp on their property.

Interesting facts about Morocco

Additionally to the culture and the communication, which are obviously some of the interesting facts that are regarded for any country, there are less known, yet very interesting facts that you might like to know about Morocco. Here are some of the most interesting and unknown facts about this amazing country:

  • As a form of greeting, people of Morocco use kisses on the cheek. More kisses are exchanged between persons who know each other better.
  • In Moroccan culture, the symbol of love is represented by the liver, not by the heart.
  • In Morocco, it is considered an impolite gesture to decline to eat. Additionally, if you handle food with your left hand makes you look very impolite.
  • The oldest continuously operational University in the world exists in Morocco, and it is the University of Al-Karouine in Fez, which was founded in 859 AD.
  • In older times, date trees were considered to be a source of food for families and thus selling such a tree was illegal in this country.
  • It is believed that the SidiYahya shrine is the tomb of John the Baptist. This shrine is situated in Oujda, a city of Morocco.
  • Morocco is the country where several movies were shot. One of the most famous movies shot in this country was “Gladiator”, in 2000.

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