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DX0P Pagasa Island

DU1BP, WA6LOS, WE6DX, WJ1P, WW6CP, DU1JM, DU2BOQ, DU3KWM, DU7RJA will be active from Pagasa Island (IOTA AS-051), Spratly Islands 14 - 20 April 2015 as DX0P.
They will operate on 160 - 10m CW, SSB, RTTY.

DXCC News.
The detailed paperowrk for the April 2015 DX0P DX Pedition to the Spratly Islands has been received and approved by the ARRL DXCC Desk.

If you previously submitted for this one and had it rejected you can email the ARRL DXCC desk
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Pagasa Island Spratly Islands DX0P

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Mike Squires
  • Callsign: WA4ZNY
  • 2017-01-19 01:59:43
I sent qsl info with sase and green stamps twice to the Poway, Ca PO Box. My contact is good in clublog. I have my last envelope Mailed Dec2, 2016 returned to me 1/17/2017 as not deliverable. What is the correct address to use? ( P.O. Box 1686 Poway CA 92074 DOES NOT WORK!!!!)
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Wayne Merrill
  • Callsign: KS4Q
  • 2016-10-14 05:19:02
I sent qsl info with sase and green stamps 4/16 and have not received anything todate. My contact is good in Clublog. I also emailed the qsl manager with no response. What is the problem?
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  • Callsign: RK4FF
  • 2016-01-26 18:58:19
Hi Leo! Three times I sent You QSL direct + $3. The first time I haven't received anything. The second time You sent me a QSL with some sort of incomprehensible data. I sent it back. You sent me a QSL normal but only 1 QSO. I have 4 QSO DX0P. In Clublog they are. RK4FF DX0P has worked on 4 out of 17 band slots To E-mail You do not answer. Tell me, I need to send another $3 to get confirmation for the other 3 QSO? Or is there some mistake?
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  • Callsign: K2hat
  • 2015-12-22 02:53:14
My DX0P Spratly Islands contacts were confirmed at ARRL DXCC as of today!! 22 December 2015 73 K2HAT
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Leo Almazan
  • Callsign: WA6LOS/DU3
  • 2015-12-20 10:17:09
If you sent a QSL card request and did not receive a QSL card make sure you sent the request to 1) P.O. Box 1686 Poway CA 92074 2) You are in our log 73 Leo (WA6LOS)
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  • Callsign: ka1jbe
  • 2015-12-19 01:52:04
I have sent 2 different times qsl cards with green stamps. have emailed the team members and told them I have not got a card. Why is it so difficult to get a qsl card? People do these dxpeds then collect money from people who hope to get a card and then never see one. If anyone from this dxped reads this can you just send people cards who paid for them.
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RJ Ambata
  • Callsign: DU7RJA
  • 2015-03-20 11:27:59
DX0P DXPEDITION update PRESS RELEASE MARCH 18, 2015 DX0P SCHEDULE NOW OFFICIAL!!! ~TURN-UP APRIL 14-15 ~DX OPERATION APRIL 15-20 ~TAKE-DOWN APRIL 20 LATE AFTERNOON DX0P 2015 * PAGASA ISLAND DXPEDITION, THE SPRATLYS DXCC Country: Philippines * WAC Continent: Oceania WAZ Zone #26 * ITU Zone #50 * IOTA ‪#‎as‬-051 DX0P OPERATORS: WA6LOS Leo Almazan -Team Lead, WJ1P/DU1JP Joel Limjoco Pastor -Logistics, WE6DX Billy Villegas, WW6CP Chito Pastor, DU1BP Joey Panganiban, DU1JM Jun Morano, DU2BOQ Joseph Boquesa, DU3KWM Ven Dacuma, Yolanda Dacuma, DU7RJA RJ Ambata US LOGISTICS COORDINATOR: Bernard Fernandez K6BF & Alex Fernandez K6BG DX0P QSL INFO: VIA WA6LOS Leo Almazan Mabuhay DX Group * Magellan Philippines DX1M de joel wj1p leo wa6los SPONSORS: ELECRAFT "Hands On Radio" N6BT Antennas (World Record Antenna Systems) StepIR Antennas (CrankIR portable antennas) Wells Cargo Express (Freight Forwarding Service to the Philippines) Aspect Solar (Battery Backup + Solar Power Systems) INDEXA (International DX Association) HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) * HEIL SOUND * TIGERTRONICS Blue Dragon Motors * CCI (Culver City Industries)