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FK/JA0JHQ New Caledonia

Nobuaki, JA0JHQ will be active from New Caledonia 21-24 November 2014 as FK/JA0JHQ.
He will operate on HF bands CW, SSB.
QSL via home call.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia , can be regarded as an independent French territory located in the western part of the Pacific ocean. It is located to the eastern part of Australia and the western part of Vanuatu. The Island of Grand Terre and the Archipelago regions make up most of the parts of New Caledonia , alongside several sparsely populated regions. New Caledonia has been colonized by both France and Britain till the mid-19thcentury , however, the Island was ceded to France in the year 1853 , it was in 1956 the Island officially became a French territory. The July 14 Bastille day is celebrated in New Caledonia , like anywhere else in France.

Geographical aspects

New Caledonia’s climate can be described as semi- tropical, however the climate is moderated by the South-eastern trade winds. The Islands of New Caledonia often witness several tropical cyclones especially between the months of November and April. The winter months are between April and August, and during this time, the day time temperature can reach below 0 degree Celsius, while the highest temperature could be up to 22 degree Celsius.

The Island of New Caledonia remain one of the largest in the pacific ocean, the sea water may still be warm in winter , however, they may not be warm enough for swimming. There are five regions in New Caledonia, these are; Grande Terre which is the main Island and remains one of the biggest Islands of the pacific. The second biggest is the Loyalty Island which comprises of three large Islands located towards the east of Grande Terre. Iles des Pins is another Island in New Caledonia that provide huge and tall trees that provide some masts for the ships. The fourth region is Belep Archipelago , this comprises of the Islets and reefs located to the North of Grande Terre. The last region is the Chesterfield Islands, that are located in the inhabited and remote regions.

Major cities in New Caledonia include; Noumea ( the capital city of New Caledonia), Mueo, Bourail, Thio, Port Bousie, Vou, Pondimie, and Sarramea.

New Caledonia FK/JA0JHQ

Prominent group

The residents of New Caledonia include the Kanak people , Individuals of European descents as well as several others.

The Kanak

The Kanak are the native inhabitants of New Caledonia and they account for more than 70%.

People of European descents

Individuals who migrated from Europe some centuries back are believed to make up a significant portion of the population of New Caledonia, these include the Caldoches and Metropolitan French citizens.

New Caledonia FK/JA0JHQ DX News

The Polynesians

Polynesians make up the minority population of New Caledonia, and they are mostly Wallisians and those from South-East Asia.

Getting in New Caledonia

New Caledonia can be accessed by Plane, boat, and automobiles.

• By plane

New Caledonia major airport, also known as Tontouta International airport is located Paita , in the North-western region of the capital city. Air France is one of the major airlines that provide weekly flights via Tokyo to New Caledonia . Air New Zealand, Qantas and some other major European airlines also provide weekly flights to New Caledonia. The Noumea-Magenta airport is the main domestic airport that services all local flights within the Island.

•By boat

Noumea has a major port that services the Pacific Islands, however, sailing is dangerous during the cyclone seasons.

• By car

The best possible way to tour the Island of Grand Perre is through car hire, the roads on the Island are perfect and the highway speed limit can reach 110km/hr. The huge mountainous presence in the east coast has made authorities to reduce speed limits to 100km/hr. around the region , therefore you have to drive slow. There are quite a number of car rental services operating in and around Tontouta airport.

If you don’t want to rent a car , then you can take the buses , and these can access almost everywhere in New Caledonia. The buses are always moving around town and they provide the much convenience you need when travelling from major cities on the Island.

New Caledonia FK/JA0JHQ Tourist attractions

Prominent activities

Just like many other Islands in the Pacific, New Caledonia offers numerous activities and sight-seeing places.

• Hitching is one of the main activities you can enjoy in New Caledonia, though, it is ideal to exercise some caution. Few drivers have insurance on the roads and that could make hitching dangerous.

• Visit the botanical garden in the capital city and see the nature’s wonders of New Caledonia. There are thousands of species of animals and plants to view.

• Snorkeling, wind surfing and diving are quite common in New Caledonia. Ilot Conrad is an ideal place for those who want to learn or just started snorkeling, or diving.

• Tanning, walking and relaxing is quite common among locals and tourists along New Caledonia beaches. The Ilot Maître resort is one of the most fascinating places to visit , and this place can be accessed by boat or taxi.

• Hiking and camping at places like Parc Riviere Bleu, located in the Southern region of Noumea is also a common activity.

Famous dishes

Just like many Island region in the Pacific, the culture and tradition of New Caledonia is greatly influenced by European and Asian system and these reflect in their dishes. Here are some of the most popular local dishes you should consider;

•Bougna- This is a traditional meal that is popular mostly among the native Melanesians, it normally include meats such as Pork, or chicken, mixed with fruitbat, or crab. The meal is also mixed with root crops such as yam, or sweet potatoes. The Bougna is normally wrapped in banana leaves, and then prepared by cooking under the hot rocks with fire.

• The coconut crabs- This is a special delicacy that include coconut with some sea crabs.

• The Mattu- This is a traditional drink in New Caledonia and it can be consumed at the local bars. The drink is also known as Nakamal and it is made from the dried Kava powder. The drink is quite refreshing and can be quite intoxicating also.

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