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FP/N7QT Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Rob, N7QT will be active from Saint Pierre and Miquelon 20 - 20 July 2015 as FP/N7QT.
He will operate on 80- 10m CW, SSB, digital modes.
QSL via home call, LOTW.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon Islands

The Saint Pierre and Miquelon Islands are a fraction of France and belong to the Burin Peninsula respectively. These islands are famous for greetings through kisses, cash in Euros and the sweet smells of the myriad pastry shops. You can find French cars like Citroen, Peugeot and Renaults cruising on the streets as well.

St.Pierre is most populated and developed of the islands. While Miquelon is bigger in area but only 600 people live here.

Geographical Location

The St.Pierre and Miquelon Islands are located at the entrance of the Fortune Bay which extends till the area of Newfoundland near the Grand Banks. The total area is 3819 kilometers from the Brest and 25 kilometers from the Burin Peninsula of the region of Canada.


A cold humid and continental climate is seen on the islands. The winters are mild and three climatic types can be seen due to the influence of sub-polar oceanic climate. During spring and summer variable winds and haze can also be seen.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon FP/N7QT

Getting in and around St Pierre and Miquelon

From Fortune Bay, two ferries operate towards St.Pierre respectively. During the period of July till September, MV Atlantic Jet departs daily at 2:45 pm and returns from St.Pierre at 1:30 pm the following day. There is a smaller jet by the name of MV Arethusa makes the journey from Monday and Saturday. It leaves Fortune Bay at 7:30 am ad returns from St.Pierre at 2:45 pm as well.

From late April till June and from June till September ferries operate on a reduced schedule respectively. There are boats which carry passengers on foot only. The ferries cost 6 dollars per day.

The Air St.Pierre flies from St.Johns and Halifax which makes travelling easier through air. Weekly three flights come and go from St.Pierre and Miquelon Islands.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon FP/N7QT DX News


Basque Festival is celebrated every year in the summer. During this festival, there are demonstrations of lumberjack skills and stone heaving.

French is the main language spoken on the islands. But the French is similar to the one spoken France. While majority of the people are Roman Catholics and practice Christianity.

The local cuisine mostly consists of seafood that includes cod, lobster, mussels, snow crab and cod-based dishes.

Ice hockey is very popular in the islands and local teams often compete with each other. In fact many native players have performed internationally for Canadian

and the French Ice Hockey teams.

The streets have no names on the islands and the directions can only be followed trough nicknames or the names of the people.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon FP/N7QT Tourist attractions


Those who visit St.Pierre and Miquelon Islands do not find it tough to stay there. There are five notable hotels which provide quality services and amenities respectively. They include Auberge-Saint Pierre, L’Hotel Robert, Maxotel, Residence Les Iris and Hotel IIe de France as well.

Sights and Sounds

1. Miquelon and Langlade:

The island of Miquelon is 45 kilometers away from St.Pierre, so it is less visited respectively. This island is centered on the church, which is present on the northern tip of the island. Nearby there is a trail known as I’Etang de Mirande which leads to a waterfall and a lookout. Then, there is a bridge which is 25 kilometers long and leads to the island of Langlade.

Langlade is beatific and many horses can be seen roaming here. There is a variety of birds and seals as well.

2.Lie Aux Marins:

Lie aux Marins is a beautiful village which is abandoned and lies closer to the harbor. A guide will help you explore the colorful homes, grand church and the school museum. You can take a boat ride as well which will cost you three Euros respectively.

3. L’Arche Museum:

This museum consists of the artifacts that depict the islands history including that of the Prohibition Times. You can also take architectural walking tour which will cost between 6.5o Euros to 8.50 Euros.

4. Cemetery:

Above the ground mausoleums are seen located within the cemetery which is a quiet and remote place to visit and relax.

Education and Healthcare

There are four primary schools on the islands. While there is one middle school, one state high school and one vocational school as well. Those who wish to pursue higher studies are given scholarships to study abroad. Most of the students go to France and a few got to Canada and USA respectively.

The health care system is not entirely free and public. In the year 1994, France and Canada had signed an agreement which allowed residents to be treated at the hospital present in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


People mostly earned their livelihood through fishing or by working on fishing fleets that operate from the coast of Newfoundland. Farming and livestock are difficult to conduct as the weather does not stay stable and favor the produce. But since 1992, fishing is on the decline as the fish has decreased in numbers and affected the economy as well.

The government has provided financial aid to the fishermen and the businesses respectively. A new airport has been constructed which has resulted in many jobs and export of fish has also become possible. Moreover, explorations for the gas and oil deposits are underway which would further strengthen the economy.

The tourism is depended upon the nearness to Canada, while crafts and commerce are more prevalent as well. While crab fishing and fish farming are being developed to diversify the economy. On the other side, labor market is dependent on the seasons respectively.

The unemployment rate was 12.8 percent in the year 1999 and majority worked in the public sector. While the unemployment rate has increased,this has adversely affected the situation as well.Nearly seventy percent of the supplies are imported from Canada or from France through Nova Scotia.

The official currency of St.Pierre and Miquelon is Euro, though the Canadian dollar is also accepted too. The islands have issued their own official stamps which are in usage since the year 1885. Thus, the islands are surely a good place to visit any time of the year.

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