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T88FC Koror Island Palau

Hiro, JA7DAJ will be active from Koror Island, Palau 3- 6 December 2014 as T88FC.
He will operate on HF bands plus 6m SSB.
QSL via home call.

Rich traditions and culture in Koror

Koror is a state within the republic of Palau. It serves as the main commercial center in the republic. Palau has got several islands and the most prominent is Koror, also referred to as Oreor Island. The population within the state of Koror stood at 14,000 in 2004. The state holds 70% of the population of the entire country. The state also holds the former capital city which is called Koror and it is actually the largest town with Palau. The city was replaced by Ngerulmud as the capital city.

Koror connects with three other islands with bridges. These are

  • Ngerekebesang island which the second largest town in Palau is located.
  • Malakal island where Koror port is sited
  • Babeldaob where the international airport is

There are 11 hamlets situated here. These are:

  • Ikelau
  • Dngeronger
  • Meketii
  • Idid
  • Iyebukel
  • Ngerchemai
  • Ngerkeseuaol
  • Ngermid
  • Ngerkebesang
  • Ngerbeched
  • Medalaii

Koror Island T88FC Tourist attractions

Tourism in the island of Koror

Tourism is the main economy earner on the island. Koror is located in the best areas for scuba divinfg and there are shops and all necessary facilities all over the island. If one decidses to take a tour here, there are lots of accommodation options available and they include resorts, cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels.

There is also a dolphin research facility located here and it is actually the largest of its kind in the whole world. It is a facility which opens up to the public and is an awesome place to make a stop at while on holiday. It is most commendable for people with an interest in swimming and interacting with dolphins which have already been trained.

A great number of tourists choose to stay in Koror when making tours in Palau. This is because it is the best place for resort services as well as modern conveniences. There are businesses here that are able to take care of people who speak many different languages.

As from 2001, the Koror jail which is the only correctional facility in Palau actually became a tour destination. This was made possible by the inmates who are able to sell and create elaborate story boards made of wood. These are sold at a retail facility which has been set up on the grounds of the jail. People go here to make different purchases.

Demographics and the economy of Koror

The last census was carried out in the year 2002. According to this, Palau had a population of 17,000 people. Of these, a percentage of 68 were situated in Koror. Belau air’s headquarters are within KororIsland. The pacific flyer which didn’t last that long was also situated here. Most of the economy revolves around the tourism sector and it seems to be doing really well. Thisis one of those islands that you just let yourself go and have as much fun as you possibly can.

Koror Island Palau T88FC DX News

The state flag of Koror

The Koror state flag is one of the most significant features on the land. It serves as a symbol of a new beginning for the inhabitants of the land. This is as they evolve and grow democratically as they work with the traditional leaders forming a very well balanced, open government.

The background of the flag is ocean blue and this is the story of the countries great resource. That resource is the ocean that surrounds the island. There is a crescent moon to symbolize the new government that is evolving with six stars. These six stars represent the hamlets of Koror which are six in number. There is a larger stay in the middle and it separates the others and this is a demonstration of union between NgaraMeketii and Rubekulkeldeu. These are two leaders who were united as traditional leaders of the circle center, lies Bai which is a traditional meeting place and reminds of a heritage that is well sheltered and one that stands on a very strong platform.

The flag reminds the people that they are protected by traditional leaders as well as a democratic government.

What does the name really mean?

The word Koror is derived from the word ‘sureor’ which is a native word that is translated to mean someone who doesn’t want to take something. ‘ureor’ means to work. This is why the natives refer to Koror as ‘Oreor’ meaning a place of work.

The name is quite suitable for the island especially when we look at the environmental conscience, the pristine waters as well as the seventy islands that are huddled so close as if standing guard to the haven for birds as well as the marine life and the rich corals.

The island is quite rich in culture and traditions and with the waters all round, it is a place with great appeal to the eye. This is one of the places where you find a diverse marine life that is the most unique in all of Palau republic.

Koror Island Palau T88FC

Getting in to Koror

There is an airport on BabeldaobIsland which is quite near Koror. When visitors get here, they can very easily make their way into Koror through the japan PalauFriendship Bridge. This can be done by the use of a shuttle bus or even a rental car. There are different companies which operate in the area and you can be picked from the airport. It is important to know that there may be extra charges for late nights while most of the hotels situated here offer pickups as well as delivery and it is important to make such arrangements beforehand.

There are ways in which you can be able to get around while in Koror. The main ways are:

  • BBI shuttle
  • Taxis
  • Rental cars

For some who want a more intimate experience, walking can be a viable option. However, some resorts areoutside the main areas of Koror and therefore you may need to arrange for some sort of transport especially if you need to see a lot of the island.

Car rental terminals make it easier for one to get a car at the airport. The traffic moves slowly so always be aware of this. There are speed limits that need to be adhered to.

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