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HD2RRC/4 HD2RRC/P Salango Island Puna Island

HC2AO, R4WAA, RZ3FW will be active from Salango Island, IOTA SA - 033 and Puna Island, IOTA SA - 034, 21 - 30 May 2017 as HD2RRC/4 and HD2RRC/P.
They will operate mostly on 20, 30, 40m.
QSL via RZ3FW, ClubLog OQRS.
Ads for direct QSL:
Serge G. Yanovsky, ul. Shkolnaya, 3-56, Elektrougli, 142455, Russia.
DXCC Country - Ecuador HC.

Salango Island HD2RRC/4 Ecuador Salango Island, Ecuador. Author - Gloria Nogales.

Salango Island HD2RRC/4 DX News Ecuador SunsetSunset, Salango Island, Ecuador. Author - Swing59.

Puna Island HD2RRC/P DX News Ecuador Puna Island, Ecuador. Author - WR276.

HD2RRC/4 HD2RRC/P. Where is Salango Island located. Map.

HD2RRC/4 HD2RRC/P Salango Island Puna Island. Sunrise 03-02-2024 at 11:30 GMT sunset at 23:40 GMT
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