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J6/DL7VOG Saint Lucia Island

DL7VOG will be active from Saint Lucia Island (IOTA NA-108) 8 November- 5 December 2014 as J6/DL7VOG.
He will be active on 160-6m CW, RTTY.
QSL via home call, OQRS.

Saint Lucia Island-and heavenly getaway destination

Saint Lucia Island is a sovereign Island locates on the east of the Caribbean, and it is bounded in the Northwest by the Island of Barbados. The Island is known by relatively few people despite its lush and tropical gen nature. St Lucia is just 14 miles wide apart , therefore it is relatively a tranquil environment to spend your vacation. The west coast of the Island has beaches that enjoy the perfect calm Caribbean weather. The magnificent rain forests and the wild orchids with flourishing wild live environment make Saint Lucia Island one of the most fascinating Islands in the world today.

Saint Lucia Island-History and people

Saint Lucia Island has a population of less than 175,000 according to the year 2010 population census. The capital of the Island is “Castries”. For centuries, the French and British colonial masters colonized the beautiful island, until the Awark people (the traditional inhabitants of Saint Lucia) were driven out in the mid-17th century. English is the official language spoken here and the Eastern Caribbean dollar EC$ is the recognizable currency. St Lucia got its independence in 1979. Saint Lucia is believed to have more mountains than any other Caribbean Island country. St Lucia has a moderate educated work force but the main employment drive is in Agricultural sector where Bananas are exported from the Island to several countries of the world. St Lucia Island has a predominantly people of African descents with some African-European and Indo-Caribbean minority making up less than 3% of the entire population.

Saint Lucia Island J6/DL7VOG Sulphur Springs - Saint Lucia
Sulphur Springs - Saint Lucia

Location, climate and weather conditions of Saint Lucia Island

Saint Lucia Islands is mountainous and its highest peak point it Mount Gimie which is 950 meters above the sea level. One other main feature of this island is that it is one of the few that has a drive-in volcano. The local climate of the Island is Tropical and the North0east trade winds affect the temperatures around here. The culture of Saint Lucia Island is greatly influenced by African, Indian, French and English heritage. Saint Lucia has a tropic climatic conditions with temperatures reaching 28 degree Celsius or higher in most months, and the hottest months are between October and January.

Where to visit in Saint Lucia Island

Saint Lucia lures hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, and its natural beauty and abundance of sunshine are something to cherish especially in the summer breaks. There are several other places you can visit on the Island, these include;

▪ Gros Piton- Gros piton is located along the western coast of the Island of Saint Lucia and it is characterized with some majestic peak of mountains as well as crystal clear seas.

▪ the festivals- There are countless number of festivals on Saint Lucia and each of these offer you are insight into how the Indian, Africa, British and French culture has influence the people of Saint Lucia. The La Rose and La Marguerite are some of the most interesting festivals you must attend on the Island, these two festivals reveals how fraternities on the Island works , and it gives you information on the origin of some external influences on the people of Saint Lucia.

▪ Saint Lucia jazz festival- If you are a lover of good music then you must not forget to attend the biggest festival on saint Lucia. The Jazz festival is held in early may all through the Island, with International jazz artists attending from all over the world.

Saint Lucia Island J6/DL7VOG DX News Deserted beach at Vieux Fort
Deserted beach at Vieux Fort

Saint Lucia Island - What to eat

Saint Lucia Island may be a small Island but it offers lots of sea foods you would never forget. The Island also offers a unique blend of several west Africa cuisines, alongside several European and Indian cuisines. The Macaroni pie, stew chicken, broth fish, rice and peas are some of the dishes you can find in abundance and cheaply on the Island. Soups packed with fresh vegetables are served across the nooks and crannies of the Island, and lots of dishes made from potatoes, Scotch bonnet peppers, and coconut milk are also available. The flat bread, also known as “Roti” is an Indian bread popular on the Island and it is normally served as part of a breakfast meal. The Roti can be wrapped around sea foods such as shrimps or vegetables, or can be consumed with milk and scrambled eggs. The Green Banana and salt fish has been regarded as the National dish of Saint Island people for many years.

Saint Lucia Island J6/DL7VOG Tourist attractions Halcyon Beach
Halcyon Beach

Saint Lucia Island and Music

Just like its culture, Saint Lucia music are influenced by many cultures from across the world therefore you can find an array of music here, these include; Calypso, Dancehall , Soca, Reggae, Compas, Zouk, Jazz and Salsa. Kwaldril is a popular Folklore dance on in Saint Lucia Island. Saint Lucia has quite a number of bands and you can visit a handful of the night clubs around the Island if you are a night crawler. Saint Lucia is quite peaceful and the crime is extremely low, therefore there is nothing to worry about while you are out in the dark.

Where to stay in Saint Lucia

Despite the fact that Saint Lucia Island is a relatively small Island, it is a place that provides tranquility alongside several accommodation types with the best modern facilities. There are quite a handful of Hotels and resorts to choose from on the Island and some of the award winning resorts on the Island includes, Jet Blue Resort, where you can listen to the symphony of the birds or you can simply have a drive along the volcanoes. Most of the five star hotels are situated close to the sea sides where you can relax on the beach and enjoy some sea foods before heading to your luxury apartment. Camping is also common on Saint Lucia Island , especially if you want to enjoy the environment at the dawn of the night while different kinds of music are being played.

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