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K5P Palmyra Atoll Cooper Island DX Pedition

K5P Palmyra Atoll - K0IR, K4UEE, K6MM, K9CT, K9NW, N2TU, N9TK, ND2T, W0GJ, W3OA, W8HC, WB9Z will be active from Palmyra Atoll (IOTA OC-085) 12 - 25 January 2016 as K5P.
They will operate on all HF Bands.
QSL OQRS, direct:
Palmyra DXpedition, PO Box 73, Elmwood, IL, 61529, USA.

K5P Palmyra DX Pedition. Information for Radio Amateurs.

DXCC country - Palmyra and Jarvis Islands.
WAZ Zone - CQ 31.
ITU Zone - 61.
QTH Locator - AJ85xv.
WAC Continent - Oceania.

News K5P 18 January 2016 K9CT/KH5

We have been running behind on 80m and decided to improve our signal. We had shipped a Spiderbeam pole for such occasion. We found a place to attach it near the water and attached wire and tuned it for 80m CW and laid out several radials. Watch for activity tonight. We were on last night and did work several EU on 80m so it should be better.

73, Craig K9CT/KH5

News K5P 18 January 2016

Important: If you worked us on 40M SSB on 14-January between 1109 UTC and 1415 UTC, please work us again, as these QSOs are invalid since we accidentally operated on an unauthorized frequency in this region

News K5P 15 January 2016 from W8HC

Palmyra Atoll Cooper Island K5P W8HC Photo News
Day 4 on Palmyra Atoll--- After my 7am-11am operating shift followed by lunch, I went out on a fishing trip with 3 of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) guys- Billy, Don and Alex. Mike K9NW who is also on my operating team sharing the 4 hour on, 8 hour off schedule joined in the 4hour boat excursion as well. Billy piloted the boat while Don and Alex "fished." However, fishing here is done without rod, reel and bait as we know it. Rather they throw their rope lines rigged with large lures and hooks into the water and the boat trolls until a fish takes the lure/hook. Then the rope is pulled in with the fish. We were hoping to catch tuna but only managed to snag one wahoo. It was a great trip and I was even allowed to pilot the boat for about an hour as we trolled on the south side of the Atoll. Billy who by mere chance was born in Charleston, WV and had relatives who live just outside of Charleston for several years... small world. He kind of summed up fishing as I had never heard it... " Fishing is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of excitement...." But what a great day it was!

K5P News 15 January 2016

160m antenna has been repaired and we will be on 160 again tonight starting with our SS. The SAL30 has been erected for Low Bands.

All antennas are working well and near water. Propagation to and from has been interesting. Lots of echo and LP.
We have a SVDA aimed at EU on 20m. There was good opening this moring on 80, 40, 30 and 20m.
73 Craig, K9CT/KH5.

K5P News 13 January 2016

Video Interview with K4UEE about K5P DX Pedition published on our website.

K5P News 12 January 2016

K5P First logs in Club Log

K5P News 13 January 2016

Video Interview with K4UEE about K5P DX Pedition published on our website.

Palmyra Atoll K5P

Palmyra Atoll. Author - Ethan Roth.

Atoll Palmyra K5P DX News
Atoll Palmyra. Author - Ethan Roth.

Palmyra Atoll K5P Tourist attactions Palmyra International Airport
Palmyra Atoll. Palmyra International Airport. Author - Ethan Roth.

K5P DX Pedition. Where is Atoll Palmyra located. Map.

K5P Palmyra Atoll Cooper Island DX Pedition. Sunrise 07-19-2024 at 16:41 GMT sunset at 05:08 GMT
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  • Callsign: SP1D
  • 2016-01-25 05:24:08
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  • Callsign: YD1MCD
  • 2016-01-13 08:56:11
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  • Callsign: K5P
  • 2015-12-07 23:03:17
In about a month, the Palmyra Team will be assembling in Hawaii on the first leg of their journey to Palmyra and our excitement is growing! Palmyra ranks in the top ten of the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe! As with major DXpeditions, there has been a change of plans due to unforeseen events. Based on the original award received in January 2015, a Team of 12 operators was assembled. The air charter is provided by our host, The Nature Conservancy, as part of the award. Earlier this year, the air strip was decertified and as a result the aircraft type had to be changed to allow access to the Palmyra. The aircraft selected will only seat 9 persons, which is a major change of plans for the DXpedition. Several alternate options were examined but were unsuccessful. It was with great pain that three of the operators stepped back from the Team to allow the DXpedition to proceed. All equipment has been received, being pretested and packaged for shipment to Hawaii. The Team plans on leaving Hawaii for Palmyra on 11 January 2016 and being active from 12 January through 25 January. Future Palmyra Atoll activations may not happen for many years, as access is severely restricted. Permissions to operate on these rare and extremely controlled locations are very difficult to obtain. We wish to thank The Nature Conservancy and the US Fish and Wildlife Service for their cooperation and support. Without this, K5P Palmyra2016 would not occur. Check the K5P Palmyra2016 web page for future updates, propagation predictions and donation page.
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  • Callsign: K5P
  • 2015-12-07 21:58:54
Press Release #4 Call sign for Palmyra 2016 announced! After many months of planning, securing permits and negotiating contracts with US Fish and Wildlife and the Nature Conservancy, we are quickly approaching the much anticipated DXpedition to Palmyra, KH5-P. The Team is excited to be able to activate this much needed entity. Palmyra ranks in the top ten of the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe! Palmyra 2016 call is K5P! Co-leaders Craig K9CT and Lou N2TU, have formed a very experienced, highly qualified Team of 12 operators and plan to operate five stations over a 14 day period, 11 January through 26 January 2016. Palmyra (KH5) ranks #9 on the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe. As with other DXpeditions of this magnitude, this is an expensive adventure. Location, transportation, island costs, and other logistics make Palmyra a costly operation. Critical to major DXpeditions are the immediate, up-front commitment costs. Before the DXpedition begins, all equipment must be secured, pre-tested, and shipped to Hawaii where it will then be organized for forwarding to Palmyra. The DX community has been very supportive of this much needed DXCC operation however, we are requesting additional financial support. We have a large payment due on November 1, and are short of our commitments. No matter how large or small the donation, every bit helps. Please do not wait until the operation is completed; most of the expenses are up-front and your support is urgently required now. Future permission to operate on Palmyra Atoll may not happen for many years as access is severely restricted. Please visit our Palmyra2016 web page to make your donation. 73, Lou N2TU Craig K9CT