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RI0X Karaginsky Island

RA1ZZ, UA1ZZ, RA3AV, UA3AKO, R9XC, UA0ZC will be active from Karaginsky Island (IOTA AS-064) 21-28 August 2014 as RI0X.
They will be active on 160-10m CW, SSB, RTTY.
They going to use

1. Elecraft K3 + PA 1KW, 2. Elecraft K3 + PA 1KW 3. (backup) FT-857D;

Antennas: spider beam (10, 15, 20), Delta loop vertical 85m on 20m tower, INV "V" 40m, DX-77 (40-10m), may be GP 160m hight (already in the island)

Karaginsky Island Information

Karaginsky Island, is an island in the Bering Sea.
Area- 2404 sq km.
Island is uninhabited.
Highes point- Gora Sakonoval.
Time- UTC +12.

Information for radio amateurs RI0X Karaginsky Island.

DXCC country- Asiatic Russia.
WAC continent- Asia.
WAZ zone- 19.
ITU zone- 35.
QTH locator- RO18sm.
RSGB IOTA reference- IOTA AS-064 Bering Sea Coast Islands.
RDA: KT-11.
RRA: RR-12-03.
RLHA: RLA-032 (new one).
WLOTA: LH-0713.
P-150-C award- Karaginsky isl., R0X.

Karaginsky Island RI0X

Karaginsky Island RI0X DX News

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