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RI1ANZ Progress Station Antarctica

Nikolai, RW6ACM ex RI1ANP will be active from Progress station, Antarctica starting 22 December 2014 as RI1ANZ.
He will operate on all HF bands CW, SSB, Digital modes.

Progress Station Antarctica promoting development

Antarctica is a famous continent that is situated towards the extreme south and is noted for containing the popular and noted South Pole. It is present towards the south of Antarctic Circle and there is Southern Ocean surrounding it. Total area of this continent is 14 million kilometer square and it’s noted as the 5th largest continent. If a comparison is made, then it will become apparent that size of Antarctica is twice that of Australia. Here an interesting point to highlight here is that ninety percent of this continent is covered with ice and on average its thickness is 1.9 km. On average Antarctica is regarded as the driest and coldest continent, but it has a significant value of its own.

Research Stations

Interesting point to highlight is that different governments are maintaining permanent research stations in this region and these kinds of bases are handsomely distributed. In contrast to bases, which have been founded in Arctic the research centers which have been established in the region of Antarctic have been constructed upon rocks or upon ice for practical reasons. The data presented by reliable sources has suggested that till the month of October 2006 there were seasonal as well as year round facilities for research related reasons. Coming towards the population, which is present for supporting and carrying out the performance of research on this continent varies as during summers 4000 individuals are present here during winters the numbers decreases to 1000. In addition to this, many other camps have been organized for supporting various projects. Here, it is very important to discuss the Antarctic Treaty as it is the agreement, which is responsible for regulating relations on international scale as far as Antarctica is concerned as it’s the only continent of our earth where there is no local population. The information provided in year 2012 suggested that treaty has inclusion of fifty parties. It basically promotes scientific research in the area in a healthy way and promotes liberty related with scientific investigations and forbids activities of military upon Antarctica. If we put a look upon the history of this treaty it will become apparent that it was available for signing upon 1st December 1959 and got official force and implementation in year 1961 during the month of June. It will not be wrong to highlight a point here that treaty was actually one of the diplomatic reflections of working scientific association, which has been obtained upon ice. The treaty has a very high value as all members are required to stick with the mentioned guidelines and accordingly they are bound to act and follow different operations in this region.

Antarctica RI1ANZ

Progress Station Antarctica

We have already highlighted that many countries are maintaining research stations in the region for carrying out scientific research and performing various associated functions. Progress is the term, which is used for referring towards Research station established by Russia in the continent. It is a popular research facility, which is situated at Larsemann Hills Antarctic oasis.

Lersemann Hills is one of the series of lower round shaped hills that are present along southeast coast of the Prydz Bay and extends 17 kilometer from the noted Dalk Glacier. In regard to this glacier an important point to highlight here is that Norwegian Cartographer has mapped this one. The Progress Station Antarctica is present upon the cost of the Prydz Bay which is actually one of the deeper embayments of Antarctica that is siatuted between Lars Coast and the Ingrid Christensen Coats. Upon the southwestern side of this region Lambert Glacier moves from Lambert Graben to Amery Ice Shelf.

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Coming back towards this station important point that should be highlighted here is that its establishment took place because of thirty third, Soviet Antarctic Expedition in year 1988 during the month of April and in year 1989 during the month of February it moved to another location. It should also be mentioned here that work face some problems and was discontinued in year 2000, but after dealing with relevant issues and proper arrangements the reopening took place in year 2003. It has been constructed keeping inconsideration the surrounding environment and aim of research. Closer to the research facility one of the landing fields has been established for making a connection not only between airs, but also with other related stations. It has also been reported by valid sources that from year 1998 to 2001 tasks were performed for carrying out the transfer of transport related operations to Progress Station Antarctica from Mirny Station making it important support for Vostok station.

In the year 2004 work initiated upon year round facilities inside the station. It is should also be noted here that in year 2008 during the month of October construction site was damaged as it was exposed to a fire outbreak and this unfortunate incident also resulted into death of one of the construction workers and two were very seriously injured. In addition to all this, the fire also damaged the construction area and lead to full loss of newer structure not only this the communication system of station was also damaged along with other important and vital scientific tools and equipment. This was definitely one of the biggest blows that were received by the construction site and created wide scale damage. Some time was required for rearranging and reestablishing the system and recovering the loss.

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New construction

In the year 2013 construction of newer wintering complex was finished and the work was done for improving the working standards. Basically this is a convincing residential unit that has also inclusion of gym and a sauna is also there are rooms for accommodating meteorologists also the operators of radio. In addition, to this a fully equipped and modernized medical unit has also been included it is a complete hospital that gets regular visits. Best part is that Progress Station Antarctica is ideal as it provides a very healthy and comfortable environment for working to the explorers and we get in a better position of getting good results.

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