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T33BA T33BB Banaba Island

T33BA and T33BB will be active from Banaba Island, former Ocean Island, IOTA OC - 018, Kiribati, 12 - 24 January 2023.
T33BA op Norbert, DF6FK and T33BB op Judith, DL2ZAD.
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They will operate on HF Bands.
DXCC Country - Banaba Island, T33.
More information soon.

T33BA T33BB Banaba Island Banaba Island. Author - Ricardo Rodrigues.

T33BA T33BB Banaba Island, Kiribati DX NewsBanaba Island, Kiribati. Author - Ricardo Rodrigues.

T33BA T33BB Banaba Island Tourist attraction spotBanaba Island. Author - Jay Garlitz.

T33BA T33BB. Where is Banaba Island located. Map.

T33BA T33BB Banaba Island. Sunrise 12-01-2022 at 18:24 GMT sunset at 06:36 GMT
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