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TO8FP Miquelon Island Saint Pierre and Miquelon

TO8FP Team will be active from Miquelon Island, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, IOTA NA - 032, 10 - 22 August 2024.
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Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are secluded French islands in the North Atlantic Ocean

St. Pierre and Miquelon are overseas French territories located in the northern waters of the Atlantic in the Gulf of Cabot. The small group of islands is all that remains of the vast French possessions in North America that once bore the name New France. The 242 km2 area is home to a total of just over 6,000 people, most of whom live on the island of St. Pierre in the town of the same name. Despite the chilly weather, the islands consistently attract tourists with their special atmosphere. The misty overcast weather combined with the majestic landscape and ocean create a picture of seclusion and tranquility.

TO8FP Saint Pierre and Miquelon DX NewsSaint Pierre and Miquelon. Author - Harvey Barrison.

History of the islands

St. Pierre and Miquelon were discovered by Europeans in 1536, but it was not until 70 years later that the first European settlements were established here - by natives of France. Up until 1713, the territories were part of the large colony of Acadia, which, in addition to St. Pierre and Miquelon, also included part of the lands of present-day Canada. As a result of an agreement with England, the mainland portion of the French colony of Acadia was ceded to the British.

During the American war effort, the British forcibly evicted all islanders, accusing France of supporting revolutionary events. Only in 1816 the lands were returned back to the French. All the vicissitudes ended with the islands being officially assigned to France in 1946 as an overseas department. In 1985, the official status changed to an overseas community headed by a prefect appointed by the French president.

Nature and climate in the archipelago

The islands are dominated by hilly terrain, the coastline is cut by rocky cliffs. The interior of the islands is rich in small rivers and numerous streams. The circumpolar climate is somewhat softened due to the influence of the ocean. Thus, winters here are very snowy, but the temperature drops to an average of 3 degrees below zero Celsius. In summer, the mark on the thermometer reaches a maximum of 16 degrees above zero. Throughout the year the weather "pleases" with fog, heavy precipitation and cold wind gusts.

Due to the rocky relief, abundance of crystalline rocks and swamps on the islands one can rarely find thickets of trees. Forests are found only on gentle slopes hidden from the wind, but even these rare oases have been virtually destroyed by logging. For the most part, there are stunted conifers growing here, and birch trees, the only representative of hardwoods, are found occasionally. The wetlands resemble tundra in their vegetation composition.

TO8FP Saint Pierre and MiquelonSaint Pierre and Miquelon. Author - Ben.

Local population and cultural background

Almost the entire population of the islands is of European descent, predominantly French, 95% of whom are Catholic. The national and everyday language is French. Upon arrival on St. Pierre and Miquelon, one can notice the restrained temperament of the locals, typical of all northern countries. But despite the seemingly cold character of the islanders and a measured way of life, visiting tourists are welcomed here with great cordiality and hospitality.

The entire able-bodied population is engaged in fishing and processing of seafood, which in small quantities are exported. The islands have no profit of their own and live on subsidies from France.

Tourism development in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

The islands can not boast an abundance of attractions, and due to the specific climate, the country can not be called a resort area. Day trips to the islands as part of a sightseeing tour in the northern part of Canada are common. Locals, as they can, entertain visiting tourists: offer boat trips along the coast, even organize lessons in sailing.

In general, vacation in St. Pierre and Miquelon is interesting to fans of seclusion. People come here to relax from crowds of people and enjoy the solitude, silence and refreshing coolness of the northern waters of the Atlantic.

TO8FP Saint Pierre and Miquelon Tourist attractions spotSaint Pierre and Miquelon. Author - hsadura.

Sights of the archipelago

Despite the fact that the first people appeared on these lands long before the arrival of Europeans, there are no interesting monuments of civilization here. All that can attract tourists is a walk around the city and a few settlements, where the architecture resembles a French village of the beginning of the last century. There are no UNESCO-protected monuments here, but lovers of antiquity and unusual nature will still find something to occupy themselves. Here are just some of the interesting places on St. Pierre and Miquelon:

  • The island of Ile aux Marins, not far from Saint-Pierre, is an open-air museum showcasing the life of an old fishing village.
  • The grandiose sand dune on Miquelon is 13 kilometers long.
  • The ancient cemetery of Saint-Pierre, where you can organize a full tour of the unusual combination of French and American styles.
  • The Galantri Lighthouse is a majestic modern structure whose "voice" only emphasizes the island's asceticism and atmosphere of seclusion.
  • History buffs can visit one of the museums detailing the history of the islands.

Culinary traditions of St. Pierre and Miquelon

Local cuisine has been shaped by the culinary traditions of the peoples who have lived here. The local cuisine is a symbiosis of French, Spanish and New World traditions. The islands are located on the migration route of cod, which made it the main component of most everyday dishes. Cod is served fried, boiled, smoked and salted in almost every restaurant. No less popular are other seafood - crabs, mussels, snails.

Along with seafood, traditional frog legs under spicy sauces with potato garnish are served. In every restaurant you will be offered good wine, cognac or champagne brought from France, as the climate does not allow the islanders to make wine.

From exotic dishes, which came from the traditions of the New World, you can taste fried bananas or lasagna, where crab and mussels are used instead of meat. Dessert menu is represented by the same French delicacies - soufflés, custard cakes, chocolate biscuits, ice cream and other traditional sweets.

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